Monday, February 26, 2007

Snowden / Malajube live @ Triple Rock Social Club 2/24/07 :: The Apples in Stereo live @ Varsity Theater 2/24/07

Who decides to get back into all things "live rock 'n' roll" during the biggest snowstorm of the season? Yep, that would be me. Slightly insane, actually. Saturday night turned out to be really fun, though, even if my car got stuck in my friend's parking lot at the end of the night.

The festivities kicked off early at Triple Rock Social Club with Malajube and Snowden. I watched about half of Malajube's set, and really enjoyed their set. These French-Canadians (from Montreal) really have personality, as their in-between-songs stage banter was hilarious. They don't speak a whole lot of English, that's for sure. Snowden definitely is my kind of music. Their live show and energy reminded me quite a bit of The Editors... And yeah, I can't forget to mention this: Bassist Corrine Lee is a little cutie pie.

After a brief pitstop at the Cabooze (don't ask), my friends and I decided to cruise over to 400 Bar to check out Annuals. Unfortunately, once we got there we found out they had canceled due to the weather. So instead we wound up watching this guy for a few minutes:

As far as I know, it wasn't Randy Dangers, the opener for Annuals. I'm not really sure who he was, but his music was "kind of" entertaining...

A little while later we finally made it over to the Varsity Theater for the Apples in Stereo. Unfortunately, once again, a band had canceled. This time it was the opening band, Casper & the Cookies who didn't make it. I'm not really familiar with the band, so no big deal. Apples in Stereo were well worth the wait and delivered a great set. I really wasn't that big of a fan of the band before the gig, but the live show really converted me. Good stuff.

Thanks to all the great friends that came out Saturday! I really enjoyed hanging out with you and getting back into the Rock 'n' Roll thing. It's good to be back.

Photos and related links below. More pics on my Flickr. Even more commentary, photos, setlist, and other musings over on Brody's and Vu's blogs.


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mp3: Malajube - Etienne D'Aout
YouTube: Malajube - Montreal -40°C
Malajube Website / MySpace


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mp3: Snowden - Anti Anti
YouTube: Snowden - Anti Anti
Snowden Website / MySpace

The Apples in Stereo

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mp3: The Apples in Stereo - Energy
YouTube: The Apples in Stereo - Energy
The Apples in Stereo Website / MySpace

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Brody McCoy said...

Great night.. Can't wait until Razorlight.. Get tickets!!! I'm already bringing 5 people, I also bought 3 tickets...