Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Rumble Strips | Birdmonster

Yep, they're both in town TONIGHT @ First Avenue! Go check 'em out, it's gonna' rock, should be a great show.

The Rumble Strips - Girls and Boys in Love

Birdmonster - The Iditarod

LOL, I'm in this video.

The Rumble Strips Website | MySpace
Birdmonster Website | MySpace

Birdmonster live @ Varsity Theater 3/23/07
Birdmonster / Los Abandoned / La Rocca live @ 400 Bar 10/24/06

New Order - Temptation

One of my all-time favorite tunes, I've always wanted to post this song:

New Order Website | Wikipedia

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Hi, missed ya! I'll explain my extended absence another time ;) So, I think I'm gonna' go old-school with my blog and just post whatever I want. Old, new, hyped, non-hyped, pop, indie, rock, hip-hop, world beat, country, etc.... Whatever, who cares?! K? K. I love this band from Scotland, Glasvegas. Check 'em out, I think you will too.

Glasvegas - Geraldine - Jools Holland 5/17/08:

And I love this dude covering "Daddy's Gone."

Glasvegas Website | MySpace