Thursday, October 26, 2006

Birdmonster / Los Abandoned / La Rocca live @ 400 Bar 10/24/06

I absolutely LOVED this gig. Three great bands, all with distinictively different musical styles, all on the same bill. Wow, what a night...

La Rocca

More pictures on Flickr: photos / slideshow

Dublin's La Rocca opened the night's festivities with a bang. Their sound reminded me a lot of early Springsteen, with a little Irish flair thrown into the mix.

Their setlist:

La Rocca Website / MySpace

Los Abandoned

More pictures on Flickr: photos / slideshow

LA's Los Abandoned were a pleasant surprise... Lead-singer Lady P. definitely knows how to capture the audience's attention. She sings in both Spanish and English, sometimes in the same song... I thought the banded sounded a bit like a Latin-American version of Be Your Own Pet. Good stuff...

Los Abandoned Website / MySpace


More pictures on Flickr: photos / slideshow

Birdmonster absolutely tore up the 400 Bar... Check them out live sometime and you will understand.

Birdmonster Website / MySpace

More coverage and photos of the evening over at BritishRockIsAlwaysTop.

- Steve


Brody McCoy said...

great pics, great night. Get your other reviews up, come on now you gotta keep pace bro.

BronxByNight said...

Hey man, your concert addiction is getting outta hand... ;) (not outa Compton...). You should apply for "bonus miles" on that :)
How's everything.... Biggest news here: We got / bought that horse you already sat ontop.... So my wife's pretty happy right now :)

Cheers..... Jan