Friday, October 06, 2006

Kasabian / Mew / Onethousand Pictures live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 10/5/06


(Kasabian - Setlist)


More pictures on Flickr: photos / slideshow

My first show since returning from Europe definitely did not dissapoint. Unfortunately I missed San Diego's Onethousand Pictures. I'll catch them next time. Denmark's Mew delivered a crowd pleasing spaced-out set. Their live sound reminded me of a mixture between Sigur Ros and Coldplay. Kasabian walked out to the theme from A Clockwork Orange and played an energetic set that flat-out rocked. Lead-singer Tom and guitarist Serge definitely know how to get the audience involved. While I favor their old tunes, the new stuff sounded quite good as well.

Best part of the show for me was seing all my friends again. I missed you all over the last month! It's good to be back. Hanging out in the basement of the Fine Line with the bands was also a blast... seems like I'm right back in the swing of things.

For more on the show check out BritishRockIsAlwaysTop.

A couple of tunes for you to sample:
mp3: Kasabian - Empire
mp3: Mew - Comforting Sounds

A YouTube video I shot (sorry about the bad quality):
Kasabian "Club Foot" live @ Fine Line 10/5/06

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A message to my family and friends in Europe: Ich werde euch vermissen... Es war super euch alle zu sehen! Danke für alles! Ich komme bald wieder...

I'll try to get all my Europe photos and a post up soon. Have a nice weekend!

- Steve


Brody McCoy said...

Great Review, welcome back tell brian the yankees are going down!!!!

Kynosis said...

cool man,

Trash Stache said...

same setlist as chicago's metro. absolutely brilliant show, though, snapped a few photos as well