Monday, October 09, 2006

TV on the Radio / Grizzly Bear live @ First Avenue 10/8/06

(TV on the Radio joined by Grizzly Bear on stage)
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Wow. "Rocktober" continues. TV on the Radio last night was spectacular. The opening band Grizzly Bear was ok. A bit too "art-rocky-folky" for my taste, but yet still enjoyable for the most part. First Avenue was pretty packed... TVotR was surprisingly "heavy"; I actually expected a bit more of an electronic sound. The live show gave me more of a hard-rock / post-punk kind of feeling, occasional mosh pit and crowd surfers included. "Wolf Like Me" and "Staring at the Sun" were a couple of my personal highlights. Also, the final encore with Grizzly Bear joining TVotR onstage was very cool.

Both bands continue their tour tonight in Chicago before hitting the US East Coast. Don't miss them on tour! Check their websites for further info and dates.

mp3: TV on the Radio - Province
YouTube: TV on the Radio live performance with Peter Murphy and Trent Reznor
Amazon: Return to Cookie Mountain

TV on the Radio Website / MySpace
Grizzly Bear Website / MySpace

Pitchfork Interview with Grizzly Bear

- Steve


amy said...

Sounds like a great time! Sorry I missed it...

Anonymous said...

grizzly bear live was incredible!
i found their harmonies rather inspiring actually