Friday, September 30, 2005


All I can say is "Wow!". In the last 48 hours I attended the following live shows in Minneapolis: Bob Mould Band, The Arcade Fire, M.I.A., and Architecture in Helsinki!

Do I have a headache? Yes. Was it worth it? Absolutely!

I have about 400 pictures I took over the past week (from ACL and the rest of the local shows)... Lots of good stuff to come as soon as I get my home PC back from repair. I'll try to do some updates this weekend... Have a good one!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Staying alive

Wow, it seems like a while since I've posted anything! Pretty much one whole week, crazy... Nope, I didn't join Oasis... I do have some other good excuses, here they are (life has been absolutely crazy):

  • Last Wednesday, 9/21/05, we had some tornadoes rip through Minneapolis/St. Paul. My suburb of New Brighton got hit pretty hard. I've got 2 trees in my backyard uprooted or down. It was a complete disaster area when I was getting ready to leave for Austin City Limits on Thursday. Plus, I had no power Wednesday night and all of Thursday until I left... I took pictures of the whole event so expect to see some of the devastation soon.

  • Thursday through Monday I was in Austin, Texas, for Austin City Limits; the event now is better known as "The Sweat & Dust Bowl 2005". All 3 days of the festival it was a minimum of 100 degrees. Sunday featured the hottest day of the year in Austin, 108 degrees, which broke all sorts of records (and that's not the heat index). The festival was absolutely amazing! I took at least 200 pictures so you'll see a thorough round-up of the event soon. In the meanwhile check out excellent pictures and recaps at Austin City Limit's official site, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Gorilla vs Bear. They have some amazing stuff...

  • Upon arriving back home I also noticed that my home PC is partially fried from last week's storms. For some reason it won't boot Windows anymore... I'm working to get this issue resolved ASAP as I really want to see my ACL pictures.

  • The live-music just never stops! I'm off to see Bob Mould (and band) this evening @ First Avenue. Tomorrow I'm watching The Arcade Fire @ First Avenue. Yeah I know, I saw both in Austin... however, it's just a different experience in a small place with temperatures below 100 degrees. So, you'll see some pictures of those 2 shows as well soon...

  • Today was my first day back at work since last Wednesday. Here's what I got as "welcome back" present: The sours backed up in all the toilets! Absolutely disgusting, and nobody could use the bathrooms for half-the-day. Helping to mop up that crap (!?) was absolutely disgusting...

Well, overall I'm happy to be back home! So to summarize, lots of stuff to come, it's just a question of time, and getting my home PC fixed!


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last post on the bugle (before ACL)

Man, I've been really bad about updating lately... me bad! I've always said though, "if this ever starts to feel like being work", I'd take some time off... Well, that's what I did. Lately I've been doing around 10 - 12 hours of computer work every day, so I think I'm ready for a little vacation! Enough of the whining, let's get to some updates...

I'm recycling my picture above with lead singer Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs. Why? Because they're playing at Austin City Limits this coming weekend, of course! My favorite picture I ever took with any Rock 'n' Roll Band in the past couple of years... this way too, other people/bloggers can see what I look like and are welcome to say "Hi!" when you see me in Austin, Texas, in about 48 hours... don't worry, I won't bite (unless you like that)...

If you're not lucky enough to attend ACL check out their website! They have live webcasts, highlights, pretty much anything you could wish for...

This whole trip to "Bush country" should be very interesting, mainly because: a) Northwest Airlines (who I'm flying down there on) just recently declared bankruptcy, plus their mechanics are still on strike; b) there is a major fucking Hurricane "Rita" headed towards Texas this weekend (don't even get me started, that's all I've been hearing from my co-workers...); c) I don't really have a home for Ringo, aka Rock n Roll dog, for the very long weekend yet (again, don't get me started); d) all the people I'm heading to ACL with, want to room with me! There's only room for so many... Ladies first!

Well, I hope all these things will work itself somehow. Yes, that's wishful thinking for you! At a minimum, I think I'll bring some rain-protection to the festival perhaps?!!!

Who am I going to see at ACL? Hmmm, let me back to one of my previous posts, 7/8/05 to be exact... Again, I'm lazy, a couple of set-times have changed, however:

Of all the bands, I'm (still) most excited to see:

The Arcade Fire (seing them for the 1st time, perhaps with David Bowie?!!!)
Oasis (seeing them for the 9th! time)
Kasabian (seeing them for the 1st time)
Coldplay (seeing them for the 3rd time)
The Fiery Furnaces (seing them for the 1st time)
Spoon (seeing them for the 1st time)

That's it for ACL news. I'll see you there!

In other news, our favorite commenter "Metalfan" has joined the blog! I'm sure he'll keep us updated on all things "metal". Looking forward to his posts... I still have to pick up his "Metal Mix" CD from his parents... another thing I've had no time for unfortunately; I'm sure his parents are enjoying it in the meanwhile!???

Alright that's it for now! Blogger is being a real "beeeeaaatch" tonight (I've had to re-boot at least 3 times already now, plus I lost some changes)!

I'll have lots of goodies after ACL! Peace out, behave! I know I won't...

P.S. If I don't update sometime next week... this means I've joined either The Arcade Fire or Oasis on tour...

P.P.S. While I'm gone... this would be a good time for you other band-mates to post some interesting stuff of your own... or write shite about me! ?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I can't hear me tunes!

So I'm having sound-card issues today! This has been going on with my home-PC for a while now; actually since I upgraded to Windows XP. Today my computer sound went from a"crackling" sound (on music) to no sound at all... Pretty depressing I have to say! I think I have to pick up a new sound-card for my PC... I'll be back as soon as I get this resolved...

"Rock 'n' Roll Star" with no tunes... very sad!???

Monday, September 12, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom! Weekend in review...

Ok, "party people"! Sorry to keep you waiting for so long... Unfortunately I couldn't post anything about this last weekend earlier... We had a "somewhat" surprise party for my Mom's 60th birthday on Saturday, 9/10/05. The "surprise" part was that a lot more people were going to show up, that we initially informed my Mom on (we told her it would only be about 5 people). I think it worked out great...

It was a great birthday party! Usually I don't name Names on this site, but for this post I think it's warranted... Here's some thanks to people: 1) "Huge" thanks go out to Randy & Jenn (the cutest pregnant lady on the planet at the moment) for hosting the party!!! Great job, your hospitality and much effort is sooooo appreciated, your house looks great! 2) Carol and Rich, the food was amazing! 3) Myself, the birthday cake ("almost" home-made") rocked! (can't believe I just thanked myself); 4) Diane, the ham and fruit salad were great; 5) All the people that attended from out of town: Deane, Linda, Melanie, Tom (I hope I didn' forget anybody); 6) Surprise guest: Rich; 7) The Isola family for providing us with a soccer/sprint work-out in 90 degree heat; 8) Everybody that attended and/or that I forgot (Matt hope your wrist heals quickly!); 9) Heather & Joe... thanks for joining us! 10) My Dad, happy to see you could make it!

EDIT: I forgot to mention Queenvick who coordinated the set-up for the whole party. Check out here site for her detailed posts on her road-trip from NY to LA. We missed you at the party! Hope you feel better sis!

Since I mentioned ya'll names... Here's my privacy policy: I'll only forward your names to all the breast/penis enhancement sites on the planet!??? Expect some emails...

OK, here are some of the pictures. There are quite a few I'm posting... special event, I think it deserves special treatment:

Can you believe I'm not in one picture!!! I guess thas serves me right for being the "Paparazzi"!

In other news, since this is a "monster post", I may as well add to it... This is what else I was up-to this weekend:

  • I helped one of my buddies move on Saturday morning. Yes, this means I was up @ 7:30AM on Saturday!!! I know, unbelievable, sometimes I'm somewhat reliable...
  • I played Texas-Hold-Em poker on Saturday after my Mom's birthday party... Unfortunately I didn't do so well (for a change). Congratulations to Ben who ruled the table, and to Dawn who won her first jackpot!!!
  • In addition to watching quite a bit of sports of TV... I actually played Tennis againt my brother again. It was like Kournikova vs Shirapova once again... me being Kournikova... I looked good, however got my ass kicked...

I think I forgot to post a couple of pictures of when my buddy Vineet was in town from Chicago a couple of weekends ago, so here they are:

That's it a nut-shell! "Sorry", to those of you who I couldn't hang out with this weekend!

Friday, September 09, 2005

Happy Birthday Mom!

My mom is turning 60 years young today, 9/9/05!

Congratulations!!! Love you Mom!!!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

mp3's of the week

OK, unfortunately due to my work-schedule lately, I've had no time to post mp3's . However, via Miss Valerie (Rock Snob) check out Take Your Medicine's post on "UK Indie Covers"! It's brilliant! Download the "zip" files with all the tunes... trust me, it rocks!

Updated - Local Concert Calendar

OK, I'm almost close to going blind by editing this concert calendar... Unbelievalbe who's all coming here. The "metal" shows I'm posting just for my friend "Metalfan" who's in-town almost every weekend:

09/09 Friends Like These - Festival of Wings
09/10 Aqualung - Fine Line
09/10 Halloween, Alaska - First Ave
09/12 DeVotchKa - 7th Street Entry
09/16 Green Day - Xcel Energy Center
09/18 Sufjan Stevens - First Ave
09/18 Billy Idol - Myth Club
09/19 Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Fine Line
09/19 Beck - Roy Wilkins Auditorium
09/20 Coldplay - Target Center
09/20 The Rosebuds - First Ave
09/21 Franz Ferdinand - Target Center
09/21 Social Distortion - The Quest
09/21 Jonny Lang - Myth Club
09/21 MM Awards - First Ave
09/23 - 9/25 Austin City Limits - Austin, Texas (Yes, I'm going!)
09/23 Idlewild - First Ave
09/23 U2 - Target Center
09/23 System Of A Down - Xcel Energy Center
09/24 Sigur Ros - State Theatre
09/24 Queensryche - Myth Club
09/28 Bob Mould - First Ave
09/29 The Arcade Fire - First Ave
09/29 M.I.A. - Fine Line
10/01 Live - Myth
10/02 Foo Fighters / Weezer / Kaiser Chiefs - Xcel Energy Center
10/06 Fiery Furnaces - Fine Line
10/08 Posies - 400 Bar
10/08 Alient Ant Farm - Fine Line
10/10 Death Cab For Cutie - First Ave
10/11 Death Cab For Cutie - First Ave
10/11 Robbers on High Street - Quest Ascot Room
10/11 Nine Inch Nails - Excel Energy Center
10/12 Mike Doughty - First Ave
10/12 Bruce Springsteen (Solo) - Northrop Auditorium
10/13 Son Volt - First Ave
10/13 David Gray - Northrop
10/16 Bloodhound Gang - Quest Club
10/19 LCD Soundsystem - First Ave
10/21 The Decemberists - First Ave
10/22 New Pornographers - First Ave
10/22 Metric - Quest Ascot Room
10/23 Dropkick Murphys - First Ave
10/27 Liz Phair - First Ave
10/28 The Go!Team - First Ave
10/29 My Morning Jacket - The Quest
10/29 Broken Social Scene / Feist - First Ave
10/30 The Hold Steady - First Ave
10/31 Blue October - Fine Line
11/03 G. Love & Special Sauce - First Ave
11/07 Bauhaus - State Theatre
11/10 Shout Out Louds - First Ave
11/12 Audioslave - Roy Wilkins
11/14 Atmosphere - First Ave
11/15 Atmosphere - First Ave
11/26 Echo & The Bunnymen - Fine Line
12/05 Reverend Horton Heat - First Ave
12/09 Low - First Ave

Local happenings this weekend

Here we go, I love weeks with a holiday! It's Friday again, here's what's going on this weekend (courtesy of MusicScene, as always). Mainly I post this just so I can refer to it this weekend myself (to be totally honest)...

Fri 9/09/05

The New Trust / Hanalei / Vox Vermillion / Bill Caperton
@ 8PM 7th St Entry $6

The Campbell Brothers
@ 8PM Cedar Cultural Center AA $18/20

Valet / Colonial Vipers Attack / Sugoii
@ 9PM Uptown Bar $5

Song Remains The Same
@ 830PM Cabooze $10

Melodious Owl / The Tremula
@ 5PM Triple Rock Social Club AA $6

Melodious Owl / Bridge Club / Gay Beast
@ 10PM Triple Rock Social Club 21+ $6

Panoramic Blue / Bottle of Justus / Kalgren
@ 8PM Fine Line $7

The Mood Swings / Ellen Kay / Fink
@ 9PM Nomad World Pub $?

Trailer Trash
@ 9PM Lee's Liquor Lounge $6

Robert Skoro (CD release) / Vicious Vicious
@ 9PM Varsity Theater 18+ $10

Pat McCurdy / Nathan Anderson
@ 830PM O'Gara's $8

Marshall Cretin Band / Chris Harrington Band / John Richards & the French Canadians / Watson
@ 9PM Station 4 $5

Dallas Orbiter / The Pundits / Burnsville City Limits
@ 9PM Terminal Bar $5

The Rank Strangers / Lifestyle of Wigs (CD release) / Little Man
@ 9PM Turf Club $5

Becky Schlegle band
@ 8PM Coffee Grounds AA $0

The Goodyear Pimps / Maduro / In the Morning
@ 8PM Star Central 18+ $?

Phil Heywood
@ 8PM Ginkgo Coffeehouse AA $0

Human Eye / Die Electric / Birthday Suits
@ 9PM Big V's $?

Wed Burdine & the Librarians
@ 9PM Hexagon Bar $0

DJ Clue?
@ 9PM Myth $?

Lonnie Knight
@ 7PM Elliot Park Atelier AA $0

Dander / The Unstuck / Silent Film Stars / The Hollywood Squares
@ 9PM Spring Street Bar $?

Sat 9/10/05

Halloween, Alaska (CD release) / Haley Bonar / Fitzgerald
@ 6PM First Avenue AA $8/10

Midnight Evils (final show) / Cave Man / Six Six Crush / The Awkwards / Twin City Howlers
@ 8PM 7th St Entry $6

Pierre Bensusan
@ 8PM Cedar Cultural Center AA $15/18

Block Party: Doomtree Collective / Swiss Army / Hondo / The Koalas / Polara / White Boy Blues / Tin Horns / X-Boys
@ 2PM Bryant-Lake Bowl AA $0

Action vs. Action / Moth / Moxie Bliss
@ 9PM Uptown Bar $5

Operation Brass Aid: Rebirth Brass Band / Jack Brass
@ 830PM Cabooze 18+ $12

Doug Stanhope
@ 9PM Triple Rock Social Club $10

Aqualung / The Perishers / Tracy Bonham
@ 8PM Fine Line 18+ $15

Belles of Skin City (CD release) / Thunder in the Valley / Dosh
@ 9PM Nomad World Pub $?

Roxxy Hall Band
@ 930PM Lee's Liquor Lounge $6

Silly Little Nothings / Zolof the Rock & Roll Destroyer / Lux Courageous / DBK / Controlling the Famous / Canaveral
@ 7PM Station 4 $5

P. Skunk / Great Girls Blouse / Wumpus
@ 9PM Terminal Bar $5

Heavy Sleeper / Landing Gear / The Screens / Nedelle
@ 9PM Turf Club $5

All the Pretty Horses / Impaler / Signal to Noise
@ 8PM Star Central 18+ $5/8

Eric Johnson & Adrian Belew
@ 730PM Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater AA $31

@ 930PM Fitger's Brewhouse $0

Seawhores / Lifestyle of Wigs / Duplomacy
@ 9PM Hexagon Bar $0

Dimitris Mykonos & DJ Mita
@ 9PM Myth $?

Sexual Chocolate & the White Boys
@ 9PM Dunn Bros - Grand Ave AA $0

Sun 9/11/05

Steve James & Del Rey
@ 730PM Cedar Cultural Center AA $15/17

Terramara / Alicia Wiley
@ 630PM Bryant-Lake Bowl AA $6/8

Aneuretical / Heads and Bodies / The Swiss Army / Askeleton
@ 5PM Triple Rock Social Club AA $6

Mike Gunther / Shovel Dance / Charles de Gaulle
@ 10PM Triple Rock Social Club 21+ $6

Michelle Kinney
@ 8PM Kitty Cat Klub $?

Katrina Benefit: Leroy Smokes / The New Congress / Mint Condition / Skywynd / Romantica / Fitzgerald / Neale-Haberman / Desdemona / DJ Booka B / DJ Cheap Cologne / Boima Freeman / more
@ 6PM Fine Line 18+ $7

Devitalize / Dead for Days / Mutilated / Anal Blast / Gorgasm / Demonicon
@ 3PM Station 4 AA $8

Ossuary Insane / Nameless / Defile / The Reverend Pokey Bunge
@ 8PM Station 4 21+ $8

Cave Man / Jug Band Refugees
@ 9PM Turf Club $0

The Body / Book of Maps / Huge Rat Attacks / Head in the Clouds
@ 8PM The Alamo AA $3

Chris Koza
@ 11AM Mpls Institute of Arts AA $0

Shaun-E English & Ben Michaels
@ 8PM Myth 18+ $?

Sons and Daughters live 9/7/05

Wow, Sons and Daughters were absolutely brilliant @ 7th Street Entry last evening! Opening band The Double were not too shabby either (think Interpol). If you have a chance to catch either band on tour, I highly recommend you go see them! Here are some pics of Sons and Daughters from the show:

Me is tired and I have to be at work in less than 7 hours. I better hit the rack. Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sons and Daughters - 7th Street Entry

Some of our favorite Scots (can't forget about "Franz" of course), Sons and Daughters, are in town tonight, 9/7/05, playing @ 7th Street Entry.

Show Details:
Sons and Daughters
w/The Double and Field Guide
First Avenue - 7th Street Entry
Doors @ 8pm, 21+, $8.00

You ain't no picasso has a couple of mp3s from the band for you. For all the info, check out Sons and Daughters Love you.

Having seen them twice prior, opening for Franz Ferdinand and Clinic, I highly recommend you go!

I should be studying...

I hope everybody had a great weekend! Actually I should be studying at the moment, as I'm training on some new duties at work... So sorry, we'll have to keep this very brief...

Until I get time to do a proper post, check out my sister's blog as she's currently driving cross-country from NY to her "temporary" new home, LA. My life at the moment is not quite that exciting, then again Queenvick is tough to compete with...

So, until I get some time to post more... Here's a couple of pictures I took while biking the trails by my house last week. Summer (along with my outdoor biking) is almost over... sniff, time for me to go and cry! I'll probably have to put the "windshield ice-scraper" back in my car very soon...

Back with more later this week!

Friday, September 02, 2005

It's mp3's you want, isn't it?

Alright, so my sister got an iPod and a new PC a couple of days ago! Let's just say I've only heard about it about 10 times by now from Queenvick. Congratulations to her again!

This made me think... I should post some mp3's since I just figured out how to upload files onto my personal server. So... here we go, here's a few for everybody!. Download these quickly though; due to server-limitations I can only leave these up until I post the next set (which will be next week):

Babyshambles - Fuck Forever.mp3
Babyshambles - Killamangiro.mp3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Hardest Button to Button.mp3 (White Stripes cover)
Mint Royale - The Effect On Me.mp3
Stars - Calendar Girl.mp3

Enjoy... Unfortunately I don't have time to give you descriptions of the songs/bands... just download them! Let me know what you think!

What's going on this weekend?

Here's what's happening this weekend (not counting the amazing MN State Fair). Have a great Labor-Day weekend everybody!

Fri 9/02/05

Dumpster Juice / Post Mortem Grinner
@ 9PM Uptown Bar $5

Epicurean / Cold Colours / Cwn Annwn / Paroxysm
@ 830PM Cabooze 18+ $5

Née Née / Paper Flowers / These Modern Socks
@ 9PM Varsity Theater 18+ $6

Lyrical Pedestrianz / PLC-Professor Fresh / Minneapolis Junction / Zion Tribe / Real Talk / Bump D & E Killa
@ 9PM Terminal Bar $5

Pocohontas County
@ 8PM Coffee Grounds AA $0

Best Friends Forever
@ 9PM Hexagon Bar $0

MMAA Compilation CD release show: Kill the Vultures / P.O.S. / Dosh / Tin Horns
@ 6PM MN Museum of American Art AA $5

Sat 9/03/05

International Reggae All-Stars
@ 830PM Cabooze $7

Of Montreal / Grand Buffet / The Management
@ 5PM Triple Rock Social Club AA $12

Über Cool Kung Fü / Avenpitch / Stellar Vector / Mach Fox
@ 9PM Varsity Theater 18+ $7

open mic with Bill Hammond
@ 6PM Coffee Grounds AA $0

The Awkwards / Big Surf / Radio Rumpus Room
@ 9PM Hexagon Bar $0

Sun 9/04/05

Chris Harrington
@ 7PM The Dinkytowner Cafe AA $?

@ 730PM Minnesota Zoo Amphitheater AA $31

@ 11AM Mpls Institute of Arts AA $0

Pubic Jeans - Counterpost

Sorry, I had to post a picture of a beautiful woman just to counter-balance with my previous post (scroll to previous post for more info)! Plus I'm trying to get the image of the "Pubic Jeans" ad out of my mind...

So, there you go. Yes, it's a picture (very tasteful don't you think?) of my favorite, Jennifer Connelly. More pics here!

Pubic Jeans

A couple of nights ago I finally found some time to relax and had a chance to look through the latest edition of Esquire magazine. Then I stumbled on this jeans ad for "Dolce & Gabbana" (pictured, click to enlarge). WTF!!!
Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against nudity, actually I strongly encourage it! However, I'm hoping this "look" doesn't catch on. I have a few questions... What's this ad doing in a men's magazine? Are they trying to target the gay readers? Is this ad supposed to make me go buy jeans? Readers, especially the ladies and homosexuals, are you turned on by this new style? So as a man you're supposed to shave your whole body now except for that area? I could go on and on...

Actually I heard of this "pubic" look about 1/2 year to year ago. I guess it's been popular in the "clubs" out on the East Coast. Has anybody seen anybody with this look and/or tried it themselves?

So let me know what your opinion is!

P.S. We all know what Paris Hilton's opinion would be... "That's hot!"

P.P.S. That's my first post just for you ladies and homosexuals (not that there's anything wrong with that)!