Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last post on the bugle (before ACL)

Man, I've been really bad about updating lately... me bad! I've always said though, "if this ever starts to feel like being work", I'd take some time off... Well, that's what I did. Lately I've been doing around 10 - 12 hours of computer work every day, so I think I'm ready for a little vacation! Enough of the whining, let's get to some updates...

I'm recycling my picture above with lead singer Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs. Why? Because they're playing at Austin City Limits this coming weekend, of course! My favorite picture I ever took with any Rock 'n' Roll Band in the past couple of years... this way too, other people/bloggers can see what I look like and are welcome to say "Hi!" when you see me in Austin, Texas, in about 48 hours... don't worry, I won't bite (unless you like that)...

If you're not lucky enough to attend ACL check out their website! They have live webcasts, highlights, pretty much anything you could wish for...

This whole trip to "Bush country" should be very interesting, mainly because: a) Northwest Airlines (who I'm flying down there on) just recently declared bankruptcy, plus their mechanics are still on strike; b) there is a major fucking Hurricane "Rita" headed towards Texas this weekend (don't even get me started, that's all I've been hearing from my co-workers...); c) I don't really have a home for Ringo, aka Rock n Roll dog, for the very long weekend yet (again, don't get me started); d) all the people I'm heading to ACL with, want to room with me! There's only room for so many... Ladies first!

Well, I hope all these things will work itself somehow. Yes, that's wishful thinking for you! At a minimum, I think I'll bring some rain-protection to the festival perhaps?!!!

Who am I going to see at ACL? Hmmm, let me back to one of my previous posts, 7/8/05 to be exact... Again, I'm lazy, a couple of set-times have changed, however:

Of all the bands, I'm (still) most excited to see:

The Arcade Fire (seing them for the 1st time, perhaps with David Bowie?!!!)
Oasis (seeing them for the 9th! time)
Kasabian (seeing them for the 1st time)
Coldplay (seeing them for the 3rd time)
The Fiery Furnaces (seing them for the 1st time)
Spoon (seeing them for the 1st time)

That's it for ACL news. I'll see you there!

In other news, our favorite commenter "Metalfan" has joined the blog! I'm sure he'll keep us updated on all things "metal". Looking forward to his posts... I still have to pick up his "Metal Mix" CD from his parents... another thing I've had no time for unfortunately; I'm sure his parents are enjoying it in the meanwhile!???

Alright that's it for now! Blogger is being a real "beeeeaaatch" tonight (I've had to re-boot at least 3 times already now, plus I lost some changes)!

I'll have lots of goodies after ACL! Peace out, behave! I know I won't...

P.S. If I don't update sometime next week... this means I've joined either The Arcade Fire or Oasis on tour...

P.P.S. While I'm gone... this would be a good time for you other band-mates to post some interesting stuff of your own... or write shite about me! ?


Anonymous said...

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Metalfan said...

Have fun in Austin!
I tried to post to the blog over the weekend, but I was unable to attach a picture. Something with the popup-blocker or something.
Anywhup, give us a full report of the ACL and avoid those hurricanes!

deathblow said...

Have a great time in Austin! Deathblow, although green with envy, will miss you. We'll hang if/when you get back if you're not totally spent.

queenvick said...

Have fun in Austin! I'm so freakin jealous!!!! If you join Oasis or Arcade Fire on Tour...you're taking me with you! I'll drive in from LA! :)

rocknrollstar said...

Just wanted to say "Thanks" for all the nice wishes!

So, let's see... last time I went on vacation to NYC in April there was a huge storm on the East Coast, which led to a missed landing @ JFK airport; and the streets of Manhattan were flooded.

This time, it's a fucking Category 5 hurricane! People are evacuating and fleeing... and I am heading TOWARDS IT tomorrow! Absolutely fucking crazy!!!

Check the blog for updates this week-end! My buddy is bringing his notebook PC...