Friday, September 02, 2005

It's mp3's you want, isn't it?

Alright, so my sister got an iPod and a new PC a couple of days ago! Let's just say I've only heard about it about 10 times by now from Queenvick. Congratulations to her again!

This made me think... I should post some mp3's since I just figured out how to upload files onto my personal server. So... here we go, here's a few for everybody!. Download these quickly though; due to server-limitations I can only leave these up until I post the next set (which will be next week):

Babyshambles - Fuck Forever.mp3
Babyshambles - Killamangiro.mp3
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - The Hardest Button to Button.mp3 (White Stripes cover)
Mint Royale - The Effect On Me.mp3
Stars - Calendar Girl.mp3

Enjoy... Unfortunately I don't have time to give you descriptions of the songs/bands... just download them! Let me know what you think!


The Fresh Young MikeyD said...

I’ve been meaning to leave a comment here for quite some time. It really is the least I can do after noticing you linked my lowly ol’ blog in the company of the experts. I just wanted to say that you posted some choice tunes. I hadn’t herad the Mint Royale cut before but I really dug it so thanks muchly. But what I’m most happy to see is Babyshambles material especially the Zane Lowe Radio 1 session of Fuck Forever. I’m not as big of the fan of the current single mix but everything they’ve done is a beautiful shambolic mess. II still wish the Libs were together ‘cause Pete and Carl are brilliant team but what can you do.

Congrats to your sis on the choice set up of a 12” iBook G4 and the blue iPod mini—I would’ve went with pink though. I’m rockin’ a 12” PowerBook and regular click wheel ‘Pod myself so I’m confident she’ll be more than happy with her set-up.

queenvick said...

I did think about going with the pink...alas at the last minute (when the pressure was on to choose the color)I suddenly said "blue!" Yeah, I don't know why...Thank you for the lovely entry Brother Stefan!! We used my iPod today on our trip to Baltimore...ah I have 2.7 days worth of music...but I definitely have to edit some of it, as it is shite. Thank you for the downloads!

BronxByNight said...

Hey... queenvick... I like that "nutty professor"-look in your eyes.... And I thought I was the computer-geek here... Well, once you're in fu'ing crazy California, you can for sure use that IPod while inline-skating at the beach... Isn't that what people in California do all day... besides of riding jetskis, hanging out at Yachts, playing golf... getting plastical surgery... ;) OK, I should probably not gain all my knowledge out of O.C. California... Hey, over here in Germany Melissa just finds out she is a lesbian.... isn't that exciting... I guess she found that out in the U.S. a year ago or so? :)

queenvick said...

Hi Bronxbynight...hey you owe me an email! :) hmmm, I'll see what I find out about the OC - yeah maybe I should have done more research before heading out to LA> :)

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks for all the comments party people!