Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I can't hear me tunes!

So I'm having sound-card issues today! This has been going on with my home-PC for a while now; actually since I upgraded to Windows XP. Today my computer sound went from a"crackling" sound (on music) to no sound at all... Pretty depressing I have to say! I think I have to pick up a new sound-card for my PC... I'll be back as soon as I get this resolved...

"Rock 'n' Roll Star" with no tunes... very sad!???


Anonymous said...

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queenvick said...

what's with all the advertisement that people send you? hopefully I won't receive any of that stuff...though you do have a kick ass blog...but hey, that sucks about your pc!

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks for the sympathies Queenvick!

BronxByNight said...

This goes to all those advertisement-bots: Fuck Yah!

Hey, we should start our own advertisement.... Visiting our blogs makes:
a) "them" being enlarged
b) us lasting longer
c) ladies looking cuter
d) poor children happy and rich
e) the grass green and the sun shining

Of course only if you donate all your belongings to us... Dial 1-800-BronxByNight and thou shall be helped...


Hey, Queenvick... We still want those pictures from South Central LA... :)

rocknrollstar said...


Me love your fake spam comment!!! Nice change from the real spam... Can we make some $$$ of this somehow... Ponder, let me know...