Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Staying alive

Wow, it seems like a while since I've posted anything! Pretty much one whole week, crazy... Nope, I didn't join Oasis... I do have some other good excuses, here they are (life has been absolutely crazy):

  • Last Wednesday, 9/21/05, we had some tornadoes rip through Minneapolis/St. Paul. My suburb of New Brighton got hit pretty hard. I've got 2 trees in my backyard uprooted or down. It was a complete disaster area when I was getting ready to leave for Austin City Limits on Thursday. Plus, I had no power Wednesday night and all of Thursday until I left... I took pictures of the whole event so expect to see some of the devastation soon.

  • Thursday through Monday I was in Austin, Texas, for Austin City Limits; the event now is better known as "The Sweat & Dust Bowl 2005". All 3 days of the festival it was a minimum of 100 degrees. Sunday featured the hottest day of the year in Austin, 108 degrees, which broke all sorts of records (and that's not the heat index). The festival was absolutely amazing! I took at least 200 pictures so you'll see a thorough round-up of the event soon. In the meanwhile check out excellent pictures and recaps at Austin City Limit's official site, My Old Kentucky Blog, and Gorilla vs Bear. They have some amazing stuff...

  • Upon arriving back home I also noticed that my home PC is partially fried from last week's storms. For some reason it won't boot Windows anymore... I'm working to get this issue resolved ASAP as I really want to see my ACL pictures.

  • The live-music just never stops! I'm off to see Bob Mould (and band) this evening @ First Avenue. Tomorrow I'm watching The Arcade Fire @ First Avenue. Yeah I know, I saw both in Austin... however, it's just a different experience in a small place with temperatures below 100 degrees. So, you'll see some pictures of those 2 shows as well soon...

  • Today was my first day back at work since last Wednesday. Here's what I got as "welcome back" present: The sours backed up in all the toilets! Absolutely disgusting, and nobody could use the bathrooms for half-the-day. Helping to mop up that crap (!?) was absolutely disgusting...

Well, overall I'm happy to be back home! So to summarize, lots of stuff to come, it's just a question of time, and getting my home PC fixed!



Anonymous said...

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indianatom said...

Hi man!

Good to hear you savely made it back home! That really sounds like an exciting adventure week! Good luck reanimating your computer and I am looking forward for your pics and more stories!