Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Pet Shop Boys live @ Orpheum Theatre 10/28/06

Lots more pictures on Flickr: photos / slideshow

Have I mentioned on this blog that I'm a pretty big Pet Shop Boys fan? Ha ha, yes, you could call me a "Pethead". All I can say is "wow", what a brilliant performance... As you can probably guess, it was quite the "theatre experience", with amazing stage setups, light show, costumes, dancers, and backup-singers. The sound was A+ with no earplugs required. Lead singer Neil Tennant sounded excellent and Chris Lowe was in full command of all things music. They even had singer Sylvia Mason-James with them... doesn't get much better than that...

Oh wait, yes it does... My friend Amy and I met Neil Tennant after the show (see last photo)! We saw Chris Lowe for a minute as well. I was so nervous meeting Neil I even dropped my camera straight onto the sidewalk... luckily, it still works (it is the "rock 'n' roll camera", afterall). Neil chuckled about that one, though...

Neil was also asked by somebody about when they would play here again. He said something like..."Well, since the last time we played here was in 1991... we'll be back in 2021!" Funny I thought...

All in all, definitely a night I won't forget for a long time...

Here's the setlist:

1. God willing
2. Psychological
3. Left to my own devices
4. I'm with stupid
5. Suburbia
6. Can you forgive her?
7. Minimal w/ segue into...
8. Shopping
9. Rent
10. Dreaming of the Queen
11. Heart
12. Opportunities, w/ segue into...
13. Integral


1. Numb
2. Se a vida e, w/ a snippet from Discoteca, segue into...
3. Domino dancing
4. Flamboyant
5. Home and dry
6. Always on my mind
7. Where the streets have no name
8. West End girls.
9. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show


1. So hard (Morales mix version w/ just Sylvia, Nic, and Andy doing vocals)
2. It's a sin
3. Go West

With a setlist like that, I think you can guess that the audience full of "Petheads" went pretty crazy... including me.

A few more pictures for you. As mentioned above, loads more on Flickr.

("Rent". Neil sings behind the screen in the second bottom square)

("Dreaming of the Queen")

(Kind of a cool/artsy shot of Neil)

("Home and Dry". Neil on acoustic guitar)

(Chris Lowe)

("Where the Streets Have No Name")

(Which song do you think they were performing?)


(Neil and I. Amy's friend John is classic on the left. This one is def going in a frame!)

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- Steve


amy said...

I'm still smiling after this show! Thanks for posting the photos!

queenvick said...

You look like such a good boy in that picture with John! :) I almost didn't recognize you. Great pics!

Trevour said...

Just came across this from a search. I WANTED TO GO BUT I WAS SICK!!! And the night of the PSB show was also my birthday. :-( I've never seen them, and I hope they sure come back before 2021!

Great pics, and awesome that you met Neil too!