Monday, March 26, 2007

Birdmonster live @ Varsity Theater 3/23/07






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True or False?
  • Did Birdmonster absolutely rock the Varsity Theater last Friday night?
  • Did they, per Jill and I, play "Balcony" twice? (mp3 here)
  • Did Brody and I invade the stage again?
  • Are the guys in the band about the nicest people you'll ever meet?
Yes, obviously they're all true. What a great and absolutely fun show. And yes, they had never played any song twice in the same set before this gig...

To give you an idea what Birdmonster is like live, here's a (shitty) video I shot at the show:

Birdmonster "Cause You Can" live @ Varsity Theater 3/23/07:

Yeah, I know, worst quality ever... Ok, we'll do one better. Brody has some footage of what it's like being on stage with the band:

Ha ha, recognize anybody?

Lots more coverage, photos, and videos over at BritishRockIsAlwaysTop.

Special thanks to: "Guest Photographers" Craig and Jacquie while I was on stage.

Special hello to: Nomad and Varsity peeps! Great to meet you...

Birdmonster loves Minneapolis. Read about it on their blog.
Birdmonster in-studio on The Current 3/23/07.
Birdmonster live @ 400 Bar 10/24/06.

Birdmonster Website / MySpace

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Brody McCoy said...

great stuff!!!God I love going on stage with those guys!!!