Wednesday, March 28, 2007

White Light Riot returns with new tunage

Alert! Local rockers White Light Riot just posted 3 new tunes off their forthcoming album "Atomism" (July 2007 via 50 Entertainment) on their revamped MySpace.

Also, since it's a long time until July, they've just put out a new limited release EP titled "Out of Sight". It features the same 3 songs, as well as a re-produced version of the single "Out of Sight", and b-side "Tin Soldiers". More details on their website. You can also check out all the songs from the EP below:

Stream / Lyrics: Out of Sight
Stream / Lyrics: Charlatan
Stream / Lyrics: Grey Divide
Stream / Lyrics: In a Shotgun Whirlwind
Stream / Lyrics: Tin Soldiers

Their main website is all new all is well. They even have a new blog. Head over and leave them a "blog warming" comment. Perhaps this will make them put up another post soon ;)

If you were at the October 11, 2006, gig @ 7th Street Entry, you may also find yourself in this new promo video:

MOV: White Light Riot - Out of Sight

White Light Riot - Out of Sight (live @ St. Kate's, Sept 2006)

St. Kate's "is the largest Catholic college for women in the country". I bet the boys had a LOT of fun there...

What else? Upcoming tour dates:
They rock, so check 'em out.

White Light Riot Website / MySpace

In other news:

LCD Soundsystem. I should talk about this. Puuuuleeeaase, have music critics gone absolutely insane? Don't believe the hype:

Have a nice Thursday!

- Steve


solace said...

while the almost universal critical praise for the new LCD is somewhat surprising, it is a fantastic album (not the best of the year, but certainly one of), and easily bests the first by quite a bit.

Anonymous said...

LCD Soundsystem: a good distance away from my usual listening fare, bought it on a whim and have been listening to it very LOUD for 2 days now, big fan ....Kent