Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The Faint live @ First Avenue 3/12/07, Minneapolis, MN







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Best live show of the year? Yes, by a long shot. Best live show I've covered since I started my blog, perhaps...

If you EVER have a chance to see these guys live, do so. Unbelievable, especially considering both of the opening bands pretty much sucked...

Check the photos and videos and I think you'll maybe understand. I'm off to bed to ice my bruises ;)

The Faint "Glass Danse" live @ First Avenue 3/12/07:

The Faint "Agenda Suicide" live @ First Avenue 3/12/07:

The Faint Website / MySpace

P.S. Yo, this show was fucking crazy! Thanks for the ride Amy...


Brody McCoy said...

Damn I wish I would of gone to this, looks pretty sweet.. I like everything your currently listening too. Cya at TV on the Radio??

amy said...

Craziness Craziness! Thanks for taking such cool photos. ;)
Glad you got a chance to see them finally. It was a fun night!