Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Razorlight / Mohair live @ Varsity Theater 3/4/07, Minneapolis, MN

(Razorlight lead singer Johnny Borrell)


(Mohair lead singer Tom Billington)

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Unfortunately I'm still having car problems, so I'll keep this brief and let the multimedia do most the talking....

London's Razorlight put on a pretty cool show last Sunday @ Varsity Theater. You couldn't help but feel that these guys are HUGE everywhere except for "America". A grand opening with intro music, kick-ass drum solo and jam session to start their first song "In The Morning", numerous guitar changes, lots of Roadies everywhere, a Mick Jagger like lead singer (Johnny Borrell), lots of band members running and jumping around... the list goes on. These guys definitely are an arena band and that's where they belong. Next time, I want to see the "Johnny Borrell show" at a huge festival with thousands of drunken soccer hooligans singing along to every song...

I only caught a few tunes by fellow UK band Mohair. What I heard, I liked. The drummer even played trumpet while keeping up on his percussion duties during one tune... And yeah, lead singer Tom Billington looked like he was straight out of Spinal Tap.

Let's get to some multimedia and other content going and you can judge the show for yourself:
  • As indicated above, I took a lot of pictures and they're up on my Flickr. Brody, aka Rock 'n' Roll Star Jr., loved the show and has a review and great photos.
I recorded a shitty video (my camera needs upgrading, I think) at the show and posted it on YouTube:
The full setlist in other live YouTube Videos, in order, all filmed at the gig. I'm impressed. Minneapolis/St. Paul is starting to be pretty tech-savy:

And I even found a few Mohair live videos from the show for you:

Is that enough multimedia for you? I hope so... enjoy.

Razorlight Website / MySpace
Mohair Website / MySpace

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