Saturday, October 20, 2007

Car crashes into First Avenue 10/19/07

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So I just got back from First Avenue... Holy shit, a fucking car crashed into the side of the building last night! Here's what I heard happened: Car and limo collide. Car goes into side of First Ave and hits a couple of people standing outside.

I saw one woman walk away (in shock) ok. One other guy was more seriously injured. I think he had a broken leg... First Avenue had hardly any damage. I still can't believe ~ 14 police cars showed up. I thought another bridge went down ;)

And yeah, I did watch Stars of Track and Field tonight. I also managed to get some photos of Drive By Truckers. They were actually really entertaining... Crazy night. More to come.


Culture Bully said...


just wow

Aaron said...


Brody McCoy said...

Jesus christ their is a lot of drunks in Minneapolis.. I take that back, it was probably some old lady. Damn old people

Bloody Mary Mania said...

you should contact me. If nothing else, just to introduce yourself.