Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Kate Nash @ First Avenue 5/3/08

Words here: Quirky Kate Nash attracts females to First Ave

More Words, Video, and Photos here: Kate Nash @ First Ave. 5/3/08

My vids from the gig:

> Kate Nash - "Punk Song" live @ First Avenue 5/4/08
> Kate Nash - "Merry Happy" live @ First Avenue 5/4/08

This photo is pretty cool:

Who's the guy on the right of me?

And yeah, no, I didn't sing "Purple Rain" on stage that night
;) Thanks for the kind words David. Current in studio here.

I'll leave you with this, my fave band at the moment:

The Wombats - Let's Dance to Joy Division

The Wombats
Website | MySpace

Peace, have a great week!

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Indie_dinosaur said...

I love Kate Nash! I'm going to her show at the Showbox in Seattle this Friday night... can't wait! I just read about her in Ragged - she looks adorable on the cover and it's free to download! Check it out