Thursday, April 23, 2009

Video/Pics: Travis live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 4/17/09


Great show. Some vids for you, pretty sure they'll put a smile on your face. Recommended viewing "Closer", "All I Want To Do Is Rock" (Wow), "Why Does It Always Rain On Me" (Pogo style), "Flowers In The Window" (Barber Shop style). They're all good, though.

"Intro / 3 Times & You Lose" (opening tune):

"Writing To Reach You":


"Side / Eyes Wide Open / Side":

"All I Want To Do Is Rock":


"Pipedreams" (acoustic):

"Blue Flashing Light":

"Why Does It Always Rain On Me":

"Flowers In The Window":

Ha, that's almost half the show ;) Shitty background singing by yours truly. Klaus! Enjoy, catch ya' later.

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Travis live @ First Avenue 7/22/07

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Brody McCoy said...

Wow thats a ton of videos.. Was this show better than their first ave. show. I gotta catch them next time, before they're done.