Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Anvil (live) @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09


So I had a chance to watch "Anvil! The Story of Anvil" and see the band perform last Friday. Wow! One of the greatest movie/band experiences for me ever. Even without seeing the band live, trust me, you'll love the movie. Go watch it ASAP.

A couple of vids I shot at the show (thanks Kyle for saving us seats). Not the greatest live videos ever, since peeps were blocking my view and I was rockin' out, but you get the idea...

Anvil - "666" live @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09

Anvil - "Metal On Metal" live @ Uptown Theatre 5/8/09

A couple of other brief things to talk about:

1) Fucking not cool!

2) This whole post was written while listening to 'This Is Thirteen', which I bought after the show. Obvs ;)

3) My buddy Tom "officially" had the day off and drove the band around all day Friday. Ahhh, the stories...

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David said...

Cool Steve, I totally want to see the movie now too.

I wonder if any leads turned up about those stolen cymbals. That sucks!

Culture Bully said...

thanks for inviting me...


tristan Lush said...

saw the movie at an indie cinema in cambridge mass...was one of the better and funnier movies i have seen...its good to see rock n roll if only they could make a movie about the tragically hip!

Peter said...

I saw the movie at that cambridge mass too! By the way the concert prior to that was cool apart from the semi-airport fence guarding some dudes not to get in.