Monday, September 11, 2006

Motorcycle guys get all the chicks

Went for a motorcycle ride with Jan today... absolutely loved it.

(Myself and Jan on his motorcycle)

(In front of Jägermeister headquarters in Wolfenbüttel)

(What a cute couple...)

- Steve


brianp said...

Dude, who's the cute girl? If you go to Berlin, don't forget to go to a cool (and decadent) techno club if you get a chance. We miss you. Have fun!

rocknrollstar said...

Ha ha, that's a waitress I'm bringing back to MN with me ;)

Yep, I'll try to check out a cool techno-club for you, ala "Kompakt" ;)

Miss ya and the goofers!

- Steve

Brody McCoy said...

Very good looking gal, be careful on the cycles. Did you take that waitress for a ride?? Thanks again for the link on top. I'm contacting a bunch of other bloggers to try to get some more hits.

Ryan said...

I have to say she's much better looking than the horse from a couple of posts ago :)

The Data Center isn't the same without you. Funny, but they don't like the same kind of music I do . . .

Have fun you lucky b@stard!

queenvick said...

See, I told you that you needed a cute European Girl! :) We miss you! Skype soon!

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