Thursday, November 09, 2006

Electronica artists make the best videos...

Hmmm, do I have a music blog? I think I do... I almost forgot. The online job-hunt is definitely taking its toll...

So I think I'm taking most of this week off from regular posting as to concentrate on tasks mentioned above.

However, a couple of things I need to mention:

> I agree with Rex from Fimoculous that the song "Hustler" by Simian Mobile Disco may be the video of the year (Kanye will be pissed):

> On the topic of sexy electronica videos, this one is pretty awesome as well... Fedde Le Grand's anthem "Put Your Hands Up For Detroit" is No.1 in the UK Charts:

> Scissor Sister's postponed show @ Myth Club from 10/7/06 has been rescheduled for 3/11/07.

> Thu 12/14/06: Gogol Bordello @ First Avenue. You need to be there.

> Lastly, BritishRockIsAlwaysTop went to Lady S-O-V @ Varsity Theater last Sunday and has a review and great pictures. Too bad I missed 120 Days the same night... next time.

> OK, let's throw up one more sexy electronica video while where at it:

Are any of these videos safe for work? I don't know, don't ask me, I'm unemployed ;)

Have a great week! I miss Baseball... and yeah, put your hands up for Detroit!

- Steve

P.S. These boys made a pretty damn good video as well:

P.P.S. One more. My dog Ringo & I love this one:


Nina said...

Hahaha, I was just cruising myspace and I saw this, Chili’s is having a contest for a re-make of their Baby Back Ribs song, this should be interesting!

ps-the winner gets a meeting with a record label.

Taylor said...

This is definitely one of the best blog posts that I've seen in awhle.

I'm going to enroll in an aerobics class now...

amy said...

Lovethe "Being Boring" video. :)

c said...

hope that job search deal is going okay....professional blogging, perhaps?