Tuesday, August 05, 2008

The Ting Tings | Solid Gold live @ Varsity Theater 8/4/08

Hi, long time no post. Sorry. Saw The Ting Tings Monday night. Great show. Recap, photos, and vids to come Tuesday Wednesday after work. Cheers.

The Ting Tings - "Great DJ" live @ Varsity Theater 8/4/08:

Update 8/6/08:

So, as mentioned earlier I really enjoyed the Ting Tings live. Jules de Martino and Katie White looked and sounded great. My fave part was hanging out with the young fans (and the band):

Full Photoset is on Flickr

A couple more vids for you:

The Ting Tings - "That's Not My Name" live @ Varsity Theater 8/4/08:

The Ting Tings - "Shut Up And Let Me Go" live @ Varsity Theater 8/4/08:

The Ting Tings: Website | MySpace

P.S. 'That's Not My Name' gave me goosebumps. I almost dropped the camera while filming that one. One of my fave summer jams of '08.


Brody McCoy said...

Awesome videos, we need to see you at more shows.. You better be at Handsome Furs @ The Entry, especially when you missed Wolf Parade. What were you thinking?!? Your the man. The Rock N Roll Star lives on.

Brody McCoy said...

more reviews, more blogging, lets go Rock N Roll Star!