Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Photos/Video: Family Reunion live @ The Cabooze 6/6/08

Unfortunately the main family member didn't show up for the event. Still an extremely enjoyable evening. Review and setlist here.

More photos on my Flickr.

A couple of videos for you, I think you'll recognize the tunes:

Family Reunion - video 1 - live @ Cabooze 6/6/08

Family Reunion - video 2 - live @ Cabooze 6/6/08

Dude live @ Target Center 07.07.07

The Cabooze Website | MySpace

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Neza said...

Nice pics, Steve...I kinda wanted to see that show. I used to be Prince's #1 fan...
Would you mind checking out my blog?

Thanks, Neza in St. Paul