Thursday, July 12, 2007

Prince live @ Target Center 07.07.07, Minneapolis, MN

(Enlarge this pic and you'll see Prince)

The big big news here last Saturday, 07.07.07: Prince played 3 shows in Minneapolis! I was lucky enough to make it to one of them. Here's how it went down:

Tickets for the First Avenue show went on sale @ 3pm, last Saturday. I had a scheduling conflict so I couldn't get there until 4:30pm. I went down there with J-Girl (I think that will be the new name for my girl friend on the blog) and stood in line for an hour and half in 95 degree heat... tickets sold out when I was about 200 tickets away. Do you think I was bummed?! Yeah, that was rough; then again it was a lame attempt, considering how long other people had waited...

(The line for First Avenue Prince tickets)

J-Girl and I had planned to go canoeing that day. However, once we got shut down for Prince First Avenue tix we were bummed and decided to go to the Hard Rock Cafe for dinner and drinks instead. Turned out they had a pre-Prince Target Center party there... we won all sorts of stuff. Everything except for tickets... Time rolled on and the Target Center gig was supposed to start @8:30pm. We still had no tickets to any show... We talked and partied and hung out with people from all over the US, who had traveled from far distances to watch the show. The doors of Target Center were locked @ 8:30pm as the show was delayed... First Avenue (the street, not the club) was complete chaos, people everywhere, crazy... Never seen anything like it. At this point I decided I'm going to see Prince that night... no matter what, how, or why....

(Prince fan-club president & secretary... seriously)

So finally doors opened at ~ 9:15pm to Target Center. I think 50% of all attendees were wasted at that point. That's when I decided to have fun with some scalpers... Tickets were going for loads of $$$ earlier... turns out 15 minutes prior to showtime (around 10pm) I scored 2 tickets for combined price $50.00. That's $200 in tickets for $50.00. J-Girl and I were extremely happy.
5 minutes after we got to our seats (with 4 beers costing almost as much as the tickets, $30), Prince opened the show with "Purple Rain". Did I mention I have never seen "The Purple One" before? The tune gave me goosebumps and almost made me cry. Yes, that great... Worth the price of admission alone (from my nose-bleed seeds). Other stuff that was amazing: "Take Me With U", "Little Red Corvette" (acoustic), "Raspberry Beret" (acoustic), "Sometimes It Snows In April" (acoustic), "I Wann Be Your Lover", "Kiss", "Let's Go Crazy", "Nothing Compares 2 U". The cover tunes were amazing too (see setlist).

(Scene around the Hard Rock when doors didn't open @ 8:30pm)

(First Avenue shut down as doors to Target Center didn't open)

(Prince - from my nose-bleed seat)

(Prince - Target Center)

Show ended after a couple of hours around 12:30pm and I was exhausted. One of the best arena shows I've ever seen. Prince is a fucking genius and amazing live. The guy is 49 @#$! years old, do you believe that? Do check him out if you have a chance...

After the gig I ran into a bunch of friends waiting in line for the (now legendary) First Avenue gig. Wow, from what I read it was pretty amazing... I still can't believe I didn't attend that one...

OK, some more photos from the night:

(This guy scared the hell out of me in the bathroom!)

(Hanging out with new friends from Boston before the show)

(Prince - Target Center)

A cool vid from the show "If I Was Your Girlfriend":

Most the other YouTube stuff has been removed, unfortunately...

Also, better photos.

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Last but not least... I was asked by Ross to contribute to his "favorite Prince song story" but never got around to it. Here's my fave:

mp3: Prince - Purple Rain (YSI)

Not too original, I know, but the truth, so a couple more:

mp3: Prince - Pussy Patrol (YSI)

mp3: Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U (YSI)

mp3: Prince - Pop Life (YSI)

OK, I just realized I could keep going here for hours and at least 20 tunes...

To summarize, Prince in Minneapolis 7.7.07 was simply magical. I have no other way to explain it. One of the greatest music moments I've ever been a part of. Most people that were at any of the 3 shows would agree... the vibe in the city was simply amazing. I still want to see Prince at First Ave so let's hope he keeps his promise and comes back.

Prince Website

P.S. I think I set a new record for saying "amazing" in one post... please replace every second amazing with "awesome" or "fucking brilliant" ;)


solace said...


what a post to return from hiatus for ;)

as great as the First Ave gig was, and as surreal as it was, when i saw the setlist for the Target Center show, as much as i LOATHE that place vs. Xcel, i was still a bit bummed i didn't go to that one too ;).

Anonymous said...

i stood in line for 3 hrs at 1st ave and was maybe 40 people to the door and they sold out....disappointing. but i did go to the target center show and it was effin amazing!! best show, he is a genius, and so cocky, i love it!