Wednesday, July 11, 2007

White Light Riot CD Release | Friends & Family | Arctic Monkeys | Alarmists @ Bascilica Bloc Party

Ahhhh, where to start. So long since I've updated, so let's try to summarize some news...

> Looking at my last post about the White Light Riot CD Release show at Fine Line Music Cafe. That one turned out kinda' ugly... By the time I got there with friends and family (around 10pm) things were completely chaotic at Fine Line. Super-huge line and the guest-list wasn't being honored any more. Way to treat friends of the band, Fine Line! OK, I'm already over it (still, I'm not linking to fucking Fine Line)... Sounds like it was a great show, Chris has the review for you.

White Light Riot Website | Myspace
The Alarmists Website | MySpace
The Villains of Verona Website | Myspace

Chaos in front of the club actually looks like fun in this picture:

> As mentioned above, I had friends and family in town for a couple of weeks.

a) My friend Jan from Germany (via Texas):

b) My sister Victoria (via LA, CA):

Needless to say we had a great time, especially with 4th of July holiday. We went to Canterbury, did some camping in Northern Iowa, visited Duluth, ate & drank a lot, etc, great times... My girlfriend J-Girl and I miss them!

> My boys Arctic Monkeys:

a) Played live @ Glastonbury. Setlist (A+++) and audio here.

b) Played "Diamonds Are Forever" live @ Glastonbury. Mp3 here. Video here.

c) New single "Fluorescent Adolescent" dropped July 9th. Track-listing and them live (in clown outfits) on Jonathan Ross here.

d) Tom Jones "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" at the Princess Di thing... pretty horrible.

> I watched Friday's Bascilica Block Party from a roof overlooking the city. Pretty bloody briliant... The Alarmists were amazing as always:

Biggest news, though, I watched a certain Minneapolis icon 07.07.07. See next post.

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