Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Robbers on High Street live @ Triple Rock 7/13/07

Robbers on High Street were bloody brilliant @ Triple Rock. At least for the 3 songs I saw, from what I remember. I still can't believe the opened for The Redwalls (who I read were great, and didn't see). I'll explain...

Is it a good idea to mix an after-work Happy Hour with a show where doors don't open until 10pm? The answer, in my case, is definitely "no", because:

a) You don't want to get kicked out of The Loon. Who gets kicked out of there? So wrong...
b) You don't want to lose your work-backpack with your 60 GB iPod in it.
c) You don't want to show up at a show totally wasted on Vodka-Red Bulls; then decide to take a nap on the floor of the venue during the band you got free tickets for...(I did look good on the dance floor, though ;))

Yes, this really happened. Yes, I'm crazy (once in a while). Yes, I'm being honest. Yes, it's "rock 'n' roll". And yes, who else will serve up a "review" like that? It's kinda' funny by now, actually! Anybody have pictures? Let me know, and I'll post 'em...

mp3: Robbers on High Street - Crown Victoria

That is all (I'm going to tell).

Robbers On High Street Website | MySpace
The Redwalls MySpace


Chris said...

Robbers on High Street will now forever be to you what the Electric Six are to me...well played sir.

c said...

wow, i bet your head hurt like a mofo the next day.

rock 'n' roll!