Wednesday, February 08, 2006

BRMC live @ Varsity Theatre 2/7/06

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club live @ Varsity Theatre 2/7/06

All photos from the BRMC gig here. Slideshow here.

I think Black Rebel Motorcycle Club really enjoys playing live. The played for 2 + hours on Tuesday night! A bit too long in my opinion... however, overall, a great show. I also caught a few tunes by opening band Elefant; they reminded me a bit too much of Interpol... we'll see what their new album sounds like when it comes out in April.

I just finished watching the Grammys... or should we call it the "U2 Awards"?!!! What cha' all think?

That's all I got for today... my stomach has been giving me a hard time. I shouldn't have had that #$%^ Taco Bell after the show last night...

mp3: The Dears - The Second Part

I love The Dears... highly recommended to all you fans of Pulp and Morrissey...


c said...

cool brmc photos.
the grammy's are a joke. i'm more than happy to see u2 win as many awards as anyone wants to give them, but 99 percent of the music i loved from the past year was not even nominated for anything.

F.J. Delgado said...

I f'ing LOVE BRMC... a little too much perhaps. they kick ass, and i'm pissed i missed them near me in DC on President's Day last week.

as for the Grammy's, i agree with c: they suck, but at least an awesome band cleaned up at the show.