Thursday, February 23, 2006

TIs R.I.P.

Not a huge fan of this band; none-the-less: Test Icicles split. This means their upcoming tour, including the 03/13 Minneapolis gig @ Triple Rock is cancelled. Luckily, Domino Records still has a stellar lineup of artists... all of which have way better band names! You may also find a little known group called the Arctic Monkeys on the label's roster... Perhaps I should do I post on them next, they could really use some publicity...

Test Icicles - Circle Square Triangle


c said...

the arctic whosey whatsies?
never 'eard of 'em.


queenvick said...

damn, I was going to make the same comment! The who Monk ah what? :) Rarr...I need to check your blog more regularly in order to get my comments in first!