Friday, March 24, 2006

Skinny boy

Still trying to catch up with my blogroll since returning from Chicago... Here's some cool stuff I found this week:

> Arctic Monkeys' 3/27/06, live performance from DC will be broadcast live on NPR.

> NPR also has a feature on Spinto Band, who I saw open for Arctic Monkeys.

> More related Arctic Monkeys news... In case you missed my Chicago live review, it's here. Another local blogger, Brianna, was at the Chicago show as well, here's her recap. Check it out. Also, Jim Walsh claims there's an Art Brut/Arctic Monkeys feud. Hmmm, I wasn't aware of that one... He's right regarding the 'Monkeys though.

> What would happen if Triumph (The Comic Insult Dog) joined the Pogues? They'd be called Gogol Bordello (MySpace) of course! A Live performance (2 songs) from Jimmy Kimmel are here. Looking forward to catching them @ Fine Line soon...

> Be The Boy posted awesome videos of The Replacements (1981 in the Entry) and Hüsker Dü on the Joan Rivers show. Via the Drunkard.

> MN Stories has video of The Strokes joined by Har Mar Superstar from SxSW.

> Since I did a pretty big post on all the local acts who played @ SxSW this year. Here's the Stribs review on how they fared in Austin.

> I love the new Amy Millan (lead singer of Stars) tune. You can download it legally here. On MySpace you can sample an additional tune as well.

> Towers of London are fucking crazy. They rock a bit too hard... Here's a review from last week in NYC. Ouch!

> The Current: "You damn kids with your drinking and your drugs..." made me laugh.

> Forget about Pete; at least until he gets out of jail and re-unites with Carl (or dies, unfortunately). Carl's new band, Dirty Pretty Things, absolutely rocks. Check it out on their site and on MySpace. Some other new tunes are also on the interweb...

> I think I'm going to close each post with an Oasis quote from now on:

On God:

"If a guy suddenly appears before me with a big beard and locks and all that caper and performed some f***ing miracle, and then said to me, 'Liam, I am God'I'd say, 'Fair enough, it's a fair cop. I didn't believe in you but fair play, you've got me.' But until that day comes he can f*** right off."
-- Liam Gallagher

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