Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Stay off the crack! Art Brut @ 7th Street Entry 3/28/06

Art Brut @ 7th Street Entry 3/28/06

All photos from the Art Brut gig here. Slideshow here.

For a change we have words, audio, and visual... the complete interweb package for you! And even better, I'm not the one reviewing the show. We have a guest reviewer, my great friend Ryan, aka Anglophiliac:

Hello all.

The Rock'n'roll Star has offered me the distinct honor of "guest reviewer" for Art Brut, 3/28, Minneapolis, MN, 7th St Entry.

Let me start by saying I came to Art Brut with several conflicting ideas in my head. I was an early AB adopter, being an zombie, but their CD didn't exactly put me over the moon. I actually liked the wacky art design and impossibly complex color-the-squares insert more than Eddie Argos' shout-sing lyrics. But their driving guitars and amusing subject matter were irresistable and eventually won me over.

The quick verdict on the show: Excellent. (On my personal scale, "excellent" falls below "outstanding" (Arctic Monkeys, 3/18/06; Walt Mink, 6/05) and above "good" (Electric Six, 3/24/06), while "average", "poor" and "Dandy Warhols live" complete the rest of the downward rankings.) They opened, appropriately enough, with "Formed A Band" which operated as a theme for the rest of the show as Eddie exhorted the members of the audience to form their own bands. Maybe I will, Eddie, maybe I won't . . . Can you have a band where the leader plays only the stereo? But I digress . . .

Their energy and enthusiasm were top-drawer. **Rule of a good show: At some point in time, every member of the band is smiling.** Ian with his hair-homage to The Cure was crisp and efficient, and Jasper with his new-wave skinny tie con turned-up collar made effective energetic bookends for Eddie's sock-footed antics. Standout tracks included "Moving To LA", the crowd interactive "Modern Art", and the tour-de-force of "Emily Kane" and "Bad Weekend". Even the obligatory b-side and new track were good. This is a band that knows what it's about. I wasn't annoyed like I would have been by virtually any other band that self-referenced in every song, nor was I wishing they would 'change it up' and offer us a longer track or acoustic number -- I liked every two-minute burst of energy as delivered. These guys and gal have obviously done their homework. They owe equal parts of their songwriting to the jangly Kinks of the mid-sixties "Good Weekend", and the self-indulgent, smirking of The Who, circa 1976, "Rusted Guns Of Milan" sprinkled with [insert your favorite punk band here] of the late 70's. While my musical universe wasn't expanded, my live show jones was well satisfied and my $10 was in no way wasted. Go see Art Brut (and, according to Eddie, form a band . . . ).

My thanks to Steve for the guest reviewer slot - especially since he was standing right next to me for the whole show and almost took an elbow to the nose for the team (from one of the pungent grungettas dancing in front of us). Look for more of my philosophical/musical ramblings as often as he'll let me contribute.


The Anglophiliac

Ryan, I mean Anglophiliac, love your review, thanks! I love my friends... Did we mention it was an AA gig and we couldn't even drink in there? Crazy...

Just a couple of other things I'd like to mention:

Solace it was nice to meet you! You rule! Brody... you can see your head well represented in the YouTube video.

'Twas a great show! The highlight for me was "Modern Art" when lead-singer-dude jumped in the crowd (see pictures). 2nd highlight was talking Deutsch to some of the band members after the show... classic; it scared some people around me...

mp3: Art Brut - Modern Art

And here's a video I filmed at the show "Emily Kane" (sorry about the sound quality)... Still pretty cool I think:

Anything to add? Let me know in the comments!



P.S. "Dandy Warhols bad"... LOL Ryan! Classic...

P.P.S. Set-list below:

Art Brut 3/28/06 Setlist 7th Street Entry


Brody McCoy said...

Ryan, Great article on the Art Brut. You should definetly be a part time writer on the rocknroll blog. Art Brut matched the energy that I was looking for, and the sound blew away the expectations I had going into the show. Art brut reminds me a little bit of the hives and futureheads. His british accent is a classic. All you chicago people, check this band out at the metro this thursday night! Sorry for my head being in the video so much, I sure was jammin. Keep up the good work steve and ryan. Peace -Brody

solace said...

nice write up!

it was a pretty good show, but i'll admit not quite as fun as seeing 'em for the first time. i'll def go see 'em again after they come back w/ a new record though.

the Bassist was new from when we saw them last year, and the drummer didn't stand up the whole show like he did last night either. that bassist is still a cutie ;)

I just realized that the end riff of Emily Kayne from this clip reminds me of "Party Hard" by The Darkness ;)

Ryan said...

Thanks for the kind words.

Solace - not only did they echo "Party Hard" but has anyone besides me noticed that the opening riff for "Bad Weekend" is a virtual copy of "Hazy Shade of Winter" by Simon & Garfunkel?

solace said...

err, not by The Darkeness, by Andrew W.K., god, how could i mix up the two? ;)

Andrea said...

Hey, great coverage, guys! You make a good team.

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks for all the nice comments, peeps!

We'll try to repeat similar coverage for Gogol Bordello next week.

Dylan said...

Great summary of the show. I thought it was incredible. The energy and the goofball attitude are what this band is all about. Oh, and the rocking, also.

I'll be at Gogol Bordello, too, and I'm looking forward to what you have to say about them.

Ryan said...

Ok, so I FINALLY figured it out:

Eddie Argos and Alfred Molina were separated at birth. Check it out.

rocknrollstar said...

Ha ha Ryan! Yeah, I see the resemblance...

Link to Alfred Molina here.