Thursday, June 21, 2007

Updates... Personal | The National | The Horrors | Maps

Some stuff that might interest you:
  • I really wish I could update the blog a bit more... Unfortunately/fortunately I have a pretty kick-ass corporate day job and an awesome girlfriend, and I'm super-busy. Plus, I have to enjoy the 3 months of nice weather we get here in MN per year... expect updates to be pretty slow (once per week, I'm thinking) through-out the summer.
Here's a picture of my girlfriend and my dog Ringo (He he):

A Few More National: Flickr Photos | Flickr Slideshow
  • I did love this tune by The National live (then again, I loved every tune where the bassist shouted/sang):
mp3: The National - Abel (YSI)

  • I hung out with The Horrors' lead singer-dude (I only saw 5 seconds of the band live). He's very tall and doesn't like to reveal his face. Super-nice guy, though:

  • Maps. Check 'em out. Great stuff. My favorite song at the moment:
mp3: Maps - Don't Fear (YSI)

As always, thanks for reading. You know where to find me.

- Steve

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