Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Albert Hammond, Jr. live @ Station 4, 6/7/07

You may know Albert as the guitar player for The Strokes. How did he fare as a solo performer? Absolutely brilliant; fantastic live. I think I liked his gig last Thursday at Station 4 in St. Paul more than the last Strokes show. From hearing the band rehearse above the venue before the concert, to hanging out with Albert after the show, I had a great time. Did you know Steve, the guitarist/singer from Longwave plays guitar in Albert's live band? You do now, and yes, he rocks...

Albert Hammond, Jr. enjoying a "Pabst tall-boy":

Albert Hammond, Jr.:

Albert Hammond, Jr.:

Steve rockin' the ukulele:

Albert Hammond, Jr. and the band rockin' out:

Albert Hammond, Jr. hanging out in his pajamas after the show:

Albert Hammond, Jr. Setlist:

Dead Trees (opening band):

More Albert/Dead Trees: Flickr Photos | Flickr Slideshow

A couple of pretty cool vids from the show:

Albert Hammond, Jr. - "Everyone Gets A Star" live @ Station 4:

Albert Hammond, Jr. - "In Transit" live @ Station 4:

More coverage over on Brody's blog. He had a good time as well...

Albert Hammond, Jr.


solace said...


had i known Steve was on tour w/ him i would have made more of an effort go go :(

very cool dude

Brody McCoy said...

fucking amazing show, glad you got to meet the star.... Albert is the man...

Brody McCoy said...

by the way the sound quality in the videos is sick... Jackie's camera is the new rock n roll star camera for sure!!!!!

Wayne said...

What camera did you use for the videos?

terick said...

the same playlist of his concert in mexico last week

Anonymous said...

love ure camera!. best sound quality ever.