Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Strokes / Eagles of Death Metal live @ Orpheum Theater 4/11/06

The Strokes live @ Orpheum Theater 4/11/06

All photos from the Strokes gig here. Slideshow here. Video here.

Rock 'n' Roll month continues. Yesterday it was The Strokes and Eagles of Death Metal at the Orpheum Theater.

Brian and I loved the show! I could write a rather lenghty review of the gig. However, this Stereogum review with great pictures sums it up nicely and saves me a lot of work (and time).

The Strokes fucking rock.

The Set List:

Heart In a cage
Red light
The end has no end
You only live once
Ize of the world
Alone together
Last nite
Hard to explain
Trying your luck
Barely legal
Ask me anything
Vision of division
The modern age (joined by Josh Homme)
NYC cops
Take it or leave it (joined by Jesse Hughes)

Update: Chris wrote a review for the Strib.

P.S. The gig was almost as good as last time I saw them @ First Avenue in 2004. Primarily because of the venue. Here's the Filter review of that show.


deathblow said...

Sweet blog! We here at Deathblow Inc. really appreciate the multimedia-ness of your blog. Makes us feel like we actually get out once in a while.

solace said...

awesome, looks like a really nice setlist!

i wanna hear some of those new songs live, especially You Only Live Once, one of their best songs ever imo. i know the general consensus is kinda down on the new record, but honestly save for 2 songs i like it a lot. 2nd one is still my fave tho.

they do encores now eh?? SELLOUTS!! haha, kinda funny how hardcore Julian was against them up until '04. but honestly if they didn't eventually start doing them and playing for longer than 70 minutes, people would stop paying $35-40 to see them imo.

i agree w/ you that First Ave show in '04 was fantastic. that was the first time i'd seen them since 2 Entry shows in '01, both of which, while fun, were nothing too special imo, just quick run throughs of the album in order, w/ a drunk Julian falling all over. their energy level was lacking quite a bit then, but they've since stepped it up a lot, both stage presence and musically.

jealous of the Homme guest spot, wonder if they'd done that much before Mpls, or if it was because it was their last night on tour w/ the Strokes.

queenvick said...

Nice update rocknrollstar! I think you are officially back into the groove...maybe it's because winter is almost over! Metric looks cool as well!

rocknrollstar said...

Deathblow: Thanks! I hear somebody is going to a Twins/Yankees game soon though...

Solace: Yeah, setlist was really great. "Ize of the world" and "Vision of divison" were UNBELIEVABLE live. All the new stuff really sounded great, though. EofDM were pretty decent as well...

Queenvick: "Get into the groove, boy you got to prove...".

F.J. Delgado said...

thanks for the well-done Strokes write-up! i'm hoping to catch them soon...