Sunday, April 09, 2006

Start Wearing Purple! Gogol Bordello live @ Fine Line 4/7/06

Gogol Bordello live @ Fine Line 4/7/06

All photos from the Gogol Bordello gig here. Slideshow here. Video here.

Is Gogol Bordello a band, or a cult?! After the events witnessed live @ Fine Line Music Cafe on Friday, I'd say they're a little bit of both.

I didn't see either of the opening bands. I arrived there pretty late (~11:00pm), actually being very lucky to still score a ticket... they had 5 (!) tickets left when I purchased mine. Fine Line was absolutely packed for this soon to be sold-out gig.

Gogol Bordello came on around 11:15pm and the crowd went absolutely ape-shit. Did I mention people in the audience brought their own instruments (tambourines, other percussion instruments)? Never seen that before...

The band soared through most of the selections from their excellent album Gypsy Punks Underdog World Strike. Gogol is definitely not just about the music... it's the whole live experience and stage presentation... Absolutely nuts, I should say. Band members AND audience members were crowd surfing, drinks were flying, people were dancing... now that's what I call rock 'n' roll!

"Insanity" is probably the best term to use to sum up the show. An "Ukranian wedding totally gone haywire" would be another... And I didn't even mind the really bad BO in the place.

They didn't say more than 3 words to the audience, but their message "Think Locally, Fuck Globally" came across loud and clear. DO check them out if they come to a town near you!

mp3: Gogol Bordello - Start Wearing Purple

Gogol Bordello Website
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And all my writing above is really useless to sum up the show (as usual). Check out yet another really low-fi video I took at the show for the REAL live experience. I was getting bounced around pretty well while trying to film this... hard work, I tell you, just for you readers...

Did I mention, one of the girls in the band climbed a drum in the middle of the crowd during one of the encores? Check the pictures for more details. Absolutely crazy...

See you @ Metric Monday! Hopefully it won't be cancelled!???



c said...

wow, i've never seen these guys. i think you summed it pretty well. sounds crazy!

queenvick said...

That does sound crazy! Nice updates brother! Quite entertaining and I personally really like the motto of "think locally fuck globally".