Thursday, April 27, 2006

Continuing the sexiness: Bitter:Sweet


I feel like we have sex(y) theme going on this week on my site. So, let's continue that trend, won't we?

A band that I've been digging a lot since their KCRW performance is Bitter:Sweet. Thanks DJ Adiadas1 once again (did I mention I love my roomie!?)! They're a music duo from LA, composed of vocalist Shana Halligan, and music enthusiast Kiran Shahani (formerly of Supreme Beings of Leisure). I'm actually kind of surprised I haven't seen more of them around the blogosphere. They have a really ambient electronica sound mixed with so many other influcences; it's hard to describe, sort of like Brazilian Girls. A couple of quotes from their label (the two musicians met via CraigsList!):

"There is something mesmerizing and indisputable about things in life that come together by the mystery of fate - be it a personal relationship, an artistic endeavor, or a simple matter of being in the right place at the right time. When all three converge, the result is something that beyond any realm of possibily..."

"Fans of Portishead, Zero 7, Serge Gainsbourg, Everything But The Girl and Bjork will fall in love with the album's sound."

PopMatters didn't like their new album The Mating Game that much. AllMusic liked it a bit more. The again, I really don't care, because I really dig it... good for any occasion, and of course, mainly "very sexy"...

mp3: Bitter:Sweet - Don't Forget To Breathe
mp3: Bitter:Sweet - The Mating Game
mp3: Bitter:Sweet - Dirty Laundry

KCRW Performance (Video) highly recommended!

In other "sexy" news:

> Mr. Jim Walsh has a couple of great posts going. One on "Spring Fever Mix: This One's For The Fellas" and the other on "Spring Fever Mix II: This One's For The Ladies". Well worth checking out...

> Tapes 'n Tapes have signed a major record deal (for distribution outside of the US) as Ross and Chris report. Congrats to them, as they deserve it!

> A bit of controversy about the latest release from Rock 'n Roll Star's favorite boys, the Arctic Monkeys. Pitchfork didn't like it that much. I still do. Here's my favorite track from the EP (reminds me so much of what made the Libertines great):

mp3: The Arctic Monkeys - No Buses

> Meow, Rock for Pussy! Check it out this Saturday @ First Avenue...

> And you can't do a sexy post without Pulp:

Pulp - This Is Hardcore

mp3: Pulp - Underwear

mp3: Pulp - This Is Hardcore

"I wanna make a movie so let's star in it together. "

Have a great Thursday!

- Steve


Lizzy said...

Yesssss....This Is Hardcore is indeed my favorite Pulp song. Jarvis is a stud in a weird, coked out, tall, skinny way. Hope I explained myself well enough? haha.

F.J. Delgado said...

thanks for the AMonkeys song!

I love the record... I don't want to overhype it, but let's just say that I think it's an excellent debut effort.

"A Certain Romance" has to be my favorite, but I am still loving most of the record.

I stopped paying attention to what pitchfork has to say about anything and everything a long time ago.

stay classy...

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks for the comments peeps! I appreciate 'em...

Metalfan said...

Before saying (did I mention I love my roomie!?)!, you should remember that you are currently living with 2 dogs and another man...
By the way, when are you going to finally send those CD's?

rocknrollstar said...

Metalfan: You're such a nagger!?

metalfan said...

Sorry for the nagging. Send the CD's anytime you want.
Also, feel free to love your roomies...although none of them are women.

rocknrollstar said...

Metalfan: OK, that's it, no CDs for you!!! Imagine that in the Soup-Nazi's type-of-voice... j/k

Have a nice weekend.

metalfan said...

Sorry, I had to bust your chops a little after you kicked me outta the band. I feel like Pete Best.
Have a good weekend too.
Dan Murphy

rocknrollstar said...

Ha Ha, I love YOU too Metalfan!

Brianna said...

HEEEELL yes. Pulp forevah!