Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Elbow / The Idle Hands live @ Quest Ascot Room 4/15/06, etc...

Elbow live @ Quest Ascot Room 4/15/06

Elbow live @ Quest Ascot Room 4/15/06

Photos courtesy of friend Brody who catches every show front-row center. See more on his flickr page.

All (my) photos from the Elbow gig here. Slideshow here.

I had a pretty nice weekend. Watched a lot of Twins/Yankees. Saturday I headed to Quest Ascot Room (arguably still the worst live concert venue in MN) to catch Elbow with local opening band The Idle Hands (MySpace). Unfortunately I missed TIHs, but from what people told me, they rocked; hard. Catch you guys next time! Elbow sounded excellent and delivered an outstanding set. Even the light-show (strobes) were impressive (perhaps a bit blinding though). Here's the set-list:

Elbow live @ Quest Ascot Room 4/15/06 set-list

mp3: Elbow -Station Approach

In other news:

> I'm slacking... I missed YYY's Sunday gig @ First Avenue. Chris wrote a review for the Strib. I also missed South and Voxtrot (at different venues) last night. Perfect Porridge has a review of the Voxtrot gig, as well as an interesting post on ear-plugs and the live rock 'n' roll experience.

> HowWasTheShow posted their review of last week's Strokes show.

> Do check out Jack White's Coke commerical.

> If this seems like a hurried post, rest assured, it is!

Gotta' go, I should Coco. I'm off to catch Editors / Stellastarr* tonight... Wear your ear-plugs kids!

- Steve


Lizzy said...

you turned me onto the Idle Hands. I completely dig them. They've only got something released overseas though, haven't they? Im confused.

rocknrollstar said...

I'll email you more info...