Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Living Blue live @ Turf Club 4/12/06, etc...


Whoops, wrong picture... That one is just for Lizzy!

Here's the picture I really wanted to post:

The Living Blue live @ Turf Club 4/12/06

All photos from the The Living Blue gig here. Slideshow here.

What do you do the evening after seing The Strokes in front of thousands of crazed fans? You head to the Turf Club and watch an up-and-coming band called The Living Blue, of course!

I was really only vaguely familiar with the band until yesterday. I then heard them perform a live-in-studio set on The Current yesterday afternoon, which sounded really good, and was actually really funny. I wish it were up on The Current's website... After the interview I did a little research and found out they're on one of my favorite record labels of late, MintyFresh, from Chicago. I liked what I found... Champagne, Illinois' TLB reminds me quite a bit of The Hiss, which sounds like Southern-rock meets Oasis. That was enough for me...

Local blog PerfectPorridge already did a nice review of the gig. Just a couple of things to add...

Yes, he's absolutely right, the place was rather empty. 25 people might be an overstatement; that's what happens though, when Soul Asylum is debuting new material at The Fine Line for a sold-out gig the same night.

The band really rocked out! The volume @ Turf Club was unbelievably high. Even with ear-plugs my ears were ringing after the gig...

Best part of the show, and actually for the whole evening: These two really hot (and I mean HOT) lesbians were making out througout the whole show in a booth right by the stage! It was a beautiful sight... tough to keep my eyes on the band, actually. It kind of looked like this:

Hot Lesbians @ Turf Club 4/12/06

Except, of course, that they were dressed and not laying in bed...

Back to the band though. They were really good live and very nice guys. They'll be releasing a new album this summer, so stay tuned. Here's a couple of mp3s for you:

mp3: The Living Blue - Serrated Friend
mp3: The Living Blue - Tell Me Leza

Other Band Info:
Official site

In non-music news. Today was the first really warm and nice day in Minneapolis/St. Paul. I think we topped out around 80 degrees! You know what that means; yes, I'm starting my training for the Tour de France again... Just call me Lance from now on, actually... Seriously though, it was really nice to get out and do some biking this evening... I live right by Long Lake (one of the 10,000 lakes here in MN) with some really nice trails. Here's a picture I took tonight:

See, I can do non-rock 'n' roll photos as well... More nature images from tonight's biking trip on Flickr.

And when I think of spring/summer and nice weather, I think of this tune:

mp3: The Polyphonic Spree - It's The Sun

I'm done for a couple of days. I'm off to enjoy the nice weather and to watch some baseball (Yankees/Twins) starting tomorrow... Have a great weekend!

Keep it real,

P.S. Go check out Scatter o' Light! C sent me some blog love today. Her site is a daily read for me. The band below better "kill" at Roseland Ballroom or I'm toast ;)...

P.P.S. Ok, ok, ok... You want more pictures of girls making out? Here you go.


Lizzy said...

haaaa. Steve, you rock! Even though I know you're making fun of me. I snagged that picture, I didn't snap any last night!

rocknrollstar said...

Lizzy, just having fun WITH you! You and your site rock!

adidas1 said...

Good lookin' lesbians making out? Hot damn! Yowza! You shoulda called me.

queenvick said...

I imagine you definitely didn't keep your eyes on the band during the hot lesbian love. Nice pics though!