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Erasure | Young Love live @ First Avenue 7/27/07

(Erasure taking a bow @ First Avenue 7/27/07)

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22 years after forming in 1985, Erasure still has it. Wow, what a great show. I haven't seen that much dancing at a live show in a while.

(Young Love not falling off the stage @ First Avenue 7/27/07)

NYC band Young Love opened. They were pretty good. Erasure had a really elaborate stage set-up so these guys had to play right at the edge of it. At times during their set it seemed the lead-singer was almost bound to fall off. He didn't; the band did a great job getting the crowd warmed up for the main act.

(Erasure live @ First Ave)

Erasure. Never seen them before. You know I'm a big Depeche Mode fan, right? Needless to say I was excited to see what Vince Clarke and Andy Bell sound and look like now-a-days. Turns out, they're still fantastic. The tunes sounded spectacular in a live setting. Andy still has a great voice and is definitely still a sex symbol to the "alternative lifestyle" crowd. Vince did a sweet job on the keys, computer, and guitar. The back-up singers looked and sounded awesome. The stage show/set-up and light show was amazing. The nearly sold-out First Avenue audience loved it; Erasure's whole set turned into a non-stop dance party. All in all, A+ gig.

Need more proof? Yeah, I have the video to prove it.

Erasure - "Chains of Love" live @ First Avenue 7/27/07:

More vids I shot at the show:

Erasure's Setlist:

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