Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm an uncle!

Jenn, Rayna, Randy

Congratulations to my brother Randy and his wife Jenn on their new baby, Rayna Jean Engelmayer!!!

Born: Thursday, January 12, 2006 - 8pm
Location: St. John's Hospital, St. Paul, MN, USA
Weight: 8 lbs 10.4 oz (3.92 kg)
Pictures: On Flickr... lots of cute photos!

What a little cutie-pie! I'm officially "uncle rock 'n' roll star" now...

If I don't get to another post, have a great weekend, and a happy Martin Luther King Jr. holiday!



Anonymous said...

wir gratulieren dem stolzen Onkel
Marie-Sophie, David und Tatjana

rocknrollstar said...

Marie-Sophie, David, Tatjana:

Danke vielmals! Schöne Grüsse!!!

indianatom said...

Hey Uncle Steve!

Please forward our congratulation and best wishes to Jenn and Randy! I guess you and brother already had the traditional "becoming a father" celebartion ceremony! Hope your are ok again .-)

Thanks for the pics! Another very good reason to come back and see you all very soon was born now!

Take care,
Voeronika & Thomas

BronxByNight said...

congrstulations.... uncle Rock'n'Roll Star, this somehow even again is related to music scene (remember uncle kracker?), sow it's time for your band to come out :)

Again, congrats and of course all the best to Randy and Jen....

See Yah,


queenvick said...

Hey! Are you just revelling in being an uncle and not updating anymore? She is like 5 days old now already! :) Just giving you pressure! Love You!

Metalfan said...

Congrats to Randy and Jenn!
And in about 2 months you'll be an uncle again, since we are almost like brothers and the little Metalfan is due to arrive in late March.