Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wolf Parade live on Craig Ferguson 1/4/06

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade was brilliant on Craig Ferguson show last night! Thanks to PrefixBlog you can stream their performance of "This Heart's on Fire" here.

Also, a couple other good live performances on TV recently:

We Are Scientists on David Letterman

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah on Conan O'Brien



BronxByNight said...

Hey man,

watching the streams I couldn't resist a couple of questions:

1. @Wolf Parade: Good performance but why is it that you have to have your hair cut this f$%$ing girlish a a lead-singer so that you can't see anything?
Didn't know that the Bobtail-look is getting back en vogue again :)

2. @ We are scientist: Also good show, actually better than that of the Wolf Parade, I think. Even though to my opinion it's the drummer who's bringing 70% of the sound into them and: Here again, the old haircut-problem @ the lead singer... :) Do they have the same stylist?

3. @ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah: MAN, hope they were kidding or stuff... If not, this is probably the worst lead singer I ever had to listen to. A rather painful experience either way...
Have you listened to that stream before posting, Steve?... I mean, come on...
Call the Gallagher brothers to beat those kids up!!!

I have to put some Oasis on now... immidiately...


c said...

have to agree that the clap your hands.. performance was absolutely brutal. he comes off as such a pretentious indie prick. it's one thing to rip off some 80s bands, but that voice is inhumanly awful.
peace & love :) by the way, i'm going to link up to your site, you've got good stuff all the time.


rocknrollstar said...

Hey, thanks for the careful hair-cut analysis on the bands! You had made me laughing pretty hard!

Both Wolf Parade & We Are Scientists rock pretty hard in my mind. If you don't have the albums, rush out and buy them!

As for the CYHSY performance. I actually did post that one just to see what people had to say. I read a LOT of bad stuff about it online... just google the band and Conan and you'll see. Personally, I think it's pretty decent. Sounds like them on record, which I like. But yeah, it's definitely not everybody's cup of tea... Definitely not quite the voice of Liam, that's for sure!

"Inhumanly awful"... again that had me laughing. Good comments people!
Thanks for the link and flattery! I appreciate it, I'll add you to my Cool Blogs list ASAP!