Thursday, January 12, 2006


Two little secrets for you:

1) My "rock 'n' roll" niece was born today, ~ 8pm!
2) I've got a new roommate moving in this Saturday.

Details on these developments (in addition to lots of other stuff) to follow ASAP. I'll have some cute baby pictures and all the stats for you soon.

P.S. As I'll be heading to Chicago for this gig... Arctic Monkey's tickets for shows in LA, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle go on sale this Saturday. Check ticketmaster for more details.

P.P.S. Head over to the 'drunkard for some greetings from Minnesota. Highly recommended!


c said...

good tip on the monkeys - i may be in boston on the exact date for the show. and congrats on the baby - i have a 4-year old niece and she is my favorite person in the whole world....peace

rocknrollstar said...

Thanks C! If I were you I'd make plans to check out the 'Monkeys in Boston. They're not quite U2 yet, but they may just be the next big thing... Most importantly, they rock!

BronxByNight said...

Hey man, you're getting a roomie? Whos's moving into M Y room? ;)

Anonymous said...


i'm already sick and tired of hearing about Arctic Monkeys

same ole snotty british rock, nothing new/original whatsoever.

sure some of it is catchy, but christ, the next big thing? gimme a freakin' break.