Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2006 and still here

Hope everybody is having a great 2006 so far!

I'm so behind in my blogging it's not even funny... Haven't gotten around to posting any of my Christmas pictures, any of my 2005 lists, no holiday newsletter, no 2006 resolutions, and so on. Ahhhhhhhh, too much stuff going on! I think I'm ready for a vacation; the 2 Monday holidays just didn't cut it...

Three main things today:

1) Watch the Craig Ferguson show tonight. Wolf Parade is performing!

Update: Craig Ferguson ran out of time and Wolf Parade didn't perform (at least that's the story). They'll be on Wednesday, 1/4/06, instead.

2) If you have not done so, pick up the new Strokes album First Impressions of Earth.

3) Since this is my first post of the new year... Here's the tune that inspired the name of my blog:

mp3: Oasis - Rock 'n' Roll Star (live @ The Metro, Chicago,1994)

That is all.

1 comment:

c said...

sweet oasis tune. i love those gallagher hooligans....