Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Alarmists live @ Varsity Theater 5/19/06

The Alarmists live @ Varsity Theater 5/19/06
(The Alarmists live @ Varsity Theater 5/19/06)

All photos from The Alarmists here. Slideshow here.
All photos from This World Fair here. Slideshow here.
All photos from The TV Sound here. Slideshow here.

Please allow me to officially jump on The Alarmists bandwagon...

Last Friday I decided to check out some local talent at the HowWasTheShow.com sponsored The TV Sound's CD release party @ Varsity Theater. I ran into David, Andrea, and the rest of the really nice and cool HWTS peeps (funny post by Andrea here). Also on the bill for the evening were opening bands The Alarmists and This World Fair. The Alarmists, who I was mainly there for, really blew me away... they sounded really great live,with a distinctive British wall-of-sound. Reminded me of Elbow quite a bit...

HowWasTheShow has a full review and great pictures of the evening and prior Alarmists gigs.

mp3: The Alarmists - She Will Love Again (Hey Kid)

The Alarmists - A Detail of Soldiers is out June 6th

Their excellent new CD/EP A Detail Of Soldiers officially drops June 6th, and their CD Release Party is June 9th @ Varsity Theater. They're also playing HowWasTheShow's 4th Anniversary Party this Saturday 5/27 @ Turf Club. Go catch 'em live, buy a T-shirt, and buy the CD!

The Alarmists

The Alarmists Website
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- Steve


Andrea said...

Yay!!! I think everyone should love the Alarmists. Actually, I think everyone will love them, eventually, it's just a matter of time.

David said...

Reading about them being good is one thing. Seeing them and realizing it for yourself is another. Don't trust us. Try 'em, you'll like 'em.