Thursday, May 04, 2006

False Alarm

KT Tunstall

Let's take a little break from the internet's most hyped bands for a second. Check out this tune, it's been on constant repeat for me lately:

mp3: KT Tunstall - False Alarm (highly recommended!)

Reminds me (this tune) a bit of Emily Haines from Metric... equally as good/great. Check out the rest of her album as KT is definitely very talented...

KT Tunstall Website
KT Tunstall MySpace
Amazon: KT Tunstall - Eye To The Telescope

Plus, she's cute! What more do you need!?

- Steve


Anonymous said...

In other music news, the new TOOL CD just came out yesterday.
They may not be as pretty as this Turnstile chick, but they kinda rock.

rocknrollstar said...

Anonymous: Thanks for the Tool update, Metalfan! Hope you were able to score a ticket for one of their upcoming theater gigs...

solace said...

$78 for a 90 minute show, no thanks :)

glad i passed on that one. that and the album has like 4-5 great songs and TONS of filler unfortunately. even the segues/filler on Lateralus were at least interesting.