Monday, May 14, 2007

The Ponys live @ First Avenue 7th Street Entry 5/4/07

A few more pics: Flickr Photos | Flickr Slideshow

These guys were in the 7th Street Entry the same night Electric Six played the main room. I only saw The Ponys' final encore, but that was enough. Totally blew me away. I bought their latest CD "Turn The Lights Out" right there with my last $9.00. Yes, I even had to bargain... I've been listening to the album non-stop since then. I love it, do check it out.

mp3: The Ponys - Poser Psychotic
mp3: The Ponys - Double Vision
More mp3s here.

YouTube: The Ponys - Double Vision (live)
YouTube: The Ponys - Sad Eyes (live)

Chicago's The Ponys also played on The Current 5/4/07. Stream the in-studio performance here. Download the mp3s and more info here.

The Ponys Website / MySpace


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amy said...

You finally put up the Ponys's about time! :)