Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jamie T & the Pacemakers live @ 7th Street Entry 9/19/07

Jamie T on Flickr: Photos | Slideshow

The sold out 7th Street Entry crowd went crazy for this one. Yeah, lots of Anglophile hooligans in the audience, including myself. Jamie T and his backing band "The Pacemakers" were shockingly great in a live setting. Even after the show, I'm still not exactly sure how to classify Jamie's music... it's a hybrid of various styles, ranging from hip hop to rock 'n' roll. At times it sounded like the bloody Arctic Monkeys or The Clash were on stage. Other times it was really "grimey", ala The Streets. Anyway, bla bla bla, boy is really talented, and delivered one of the most fun shows I've seen in a while. And yeah, I did get one of his "mixtapes" at the end of the show. I'm still working on finding a tape-player to play it on ;)

Sarah over at CP also has a review. So does Brody (including setlist).

mp3: Jamie T (feat. Lily Allen) - Rawhide (YSI)

Some videos from the show:

Jamie T - "Calm Down Dearest" live 9/19/07:

Jamie T's Guitarist - "Purple Rain" (Prince cover) live 9/19/07:

Jamie T - "A New England" (Billy Bragg cover) live 9/19/07 (final encore):

Jamie T Website | MySpace

I'll be back with some fun summer photos and a mix CD soon.


P.S. A note on the "Purple Rain" Prince cover. I guess Prince is not messing around when he said he was taking stuff down around the internets! YouTube took down my Jamie T YouTube video for a "Copyright claim by the publisher". Wow!? Luckily, we have imeem as an alternative...

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