Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Ruckus on the Westbank 9/8/07 featuring: Dance Band, Big Quarters, Poison Control Center, North, The 757s

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Chris over at Poplife has a review for you

Nomad World Pub did a fabulous job putting on this event. A couple of thoughts on the musical acts I witnessed: Dance Band was a blast to watch. They really want you to, ummmm, dance! Hip-hop duo Big Quarters were quite good. Unfortunately, they struck out finding somebody from the audience to beat-box for them on-stage for one of their tunes. Yeah, not one of my talents... Iowa's Poison Control Center definitely performed the high energy ADD set of the evening (see photos). Insane. North was my favorite music act. Think Radiohead meets Coldplay. The 757s closed out the night. Very nice guys and a great way to finish the festival.

Poison Control Center's brand new album "A Collage of Impressions" drops 9/25/07 via Minneapolis' Afternoon Records. Here's the first single:

mp3: Poison Control Center - Magic Circle Symphony

Also, check out a tune from their EP "Glory Us":

mp3: Poison Control Center - Glory Us

Poison Control Center Website | MySpace

Ruckus bands in the order the played (I missed the first 5):

02:00pm - Spiritual Mansions
03:00pm - Estate
04:00pm - City on the Make
05:00pm - Ice Palace
06:00pm - The Melismatics
07:00pm - Dance Band
08:00pm - Big Quarters
09:00pm - Poison Control Center
10:30pm - North
12:00am - The 757s

And yeah, no, Tay Zonday didn't play.

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