Friday, July 07, 2006

Introducing... The Villains Of Verona

The Villains Of Verona

I have great music friends here in Minneapolis / St. Paul. Case in point, my buddy Brody. He went all the way to Chicago this past winter to watch Hard-Fi. He didn't really like Hard-Fi, but returned with a love for the opening band, the up-and-coming The Villains Of Verona. Listening to their material, I now understand.

Yes, these guys (and one very lovely female lead-singer) are young. Fresh out of Elmhurst (Chicago), IL, high-school, actually. Younger than the Arctic Monkeys! They sound like a mixture between The Grates and Eisley, no? Throw in a little Pretty Girls Make Graves or Lily Allen and you may be getting there... Highly infectious pop/rock; no better music for the summer (or anytime) if you ask me...

Lucky for us locals, they're in town this upcoming week for a couple of gigs:

Varsity Theater: Mon 7/10/06 - The Villains Of Verona / Squareshooters / Ronni Saxon

Nomad World Pub
: Thu 7/13/06 - The Dance Band / Sam Keenan / The Villains Of Verona

I highly suggest you check them out. Let's hear some tunes (both highly recommended):

mp3: The Villains Of Verona - Orson Welles
mp3: The Villains Of Verona - Vinyl

come in! They have a great video for "Orson Welles". It may just feature the best/worst dancing since the now infamous OK Go "A Million Ways" video:

Video: The Villains Of Verona - Orson Welles

The Villains Of Verona MySpace
Buy The Villains Of Verona - With A Twist Of Lime EP here

A few more pics of the band:

In other related news:

Is everybody having a great summer? I am. Lots of great tunes, including Gnarls, Lily, Snow Patrol, etc... Here's a tune which may make it onto my "summer mix" for the 2nd year in a row, thanks to the mixtape (CD) my friend Amy made for me:

mp3: The Cribs - The Wrong Way To Be

I had a great time mowing grass to this a few days ago...

I'm spent. Have a great weekend!

- Steve

P.S. Head over to Brody's blog for more info on the "Villains", or if you'd like to see them play at an event near you.

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Brody McCoy said...

absolutley awesome write up, I threw a huge photo on my blog. I like your centered layout. It should be a fun week hanging out with these guys..