Thursday, July 06, 2006

Low Lustre NY Tour!

Low Lustre NY Tour

I have some good news and some bad news for you. Which one do you want to hear first? Let's start with the good news (the glass is half full, right?!)...

One of my favorite local bands, Low Lustre is currently on their "NY Tour", and they'll be hitting a few other cities along the way. I saw these guys perform at The Alarmists CD Release Party 6/9/06, and let's just say it was a very memorable experience. They were excellent, reminding me of a mixture between Dinosaur Jr and Spoon. Very engaging live. If you live in any of the cities in the poster above, yes I'm talking to you in Chicago, Middlefield (where-ever that is), NYC (Arlene's Grocery!), or Madison, I highly suggest you check them out!

Here's what the fine fellows in Low Lustre look like:

Low Lustre

Here's what Low Lustre sounds like:

mp3: Low Lustre - Dancing Blind (highly recommended!)
mp3: Low Lustre - Vampire (available on MySpace)

Low Lustre Website
Low Lustre on MySpace
Buy Low Lustre "EP" here

Now for the bad news...

Unfortunately for us locals, the band will be pulling a "Hold Steady" and relocating to NYC later this summer. Fortunately we'll get to say "Goodbye" at a couple of gigs later this summer @ 400 Bar:

7/21/06: Low Lustre / Sunday Morning Chameleon
8/12/06: Low Lustre / Michael Morris / White Elephant / Fresh Nest

You will be missed! Best of luck to them in the big apple, though. As long as they don't turn into Yankee fans, we're all good.

- Steve

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