Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Phoenix live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 7/24/06

le concert était grand:

Phoenix live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 7/24/06

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je suis si fatigué je suis de coucher, avoir un grand jour.

mp3: Phoenix - Long Distance Call
mp3: Phoenix - Run, Run, Run (live on The Current)

Phoenix Website
Phoenix MySpace


Setlist: Phoenix live @ Fine Line Music Cafe 7/24/06

- Steve

P.S. My French le sucks, no?

P.P.S. Check out what Fine Line's website stated for this event...

Please leave all cameras at home:
Thank You!

Suckers... ha ha.


solace said...

nice, thanks Steve!

i was too damn tired/lazy to go out tonight so i stayed in.

sucky thing is i was on the list for both this and Beth @ First Ave, oops? :)

too much rock this weekend i guess combined with all of the rock shows next week.

i checked out the new Phoenix album today though... i love Long Distance Call a lot, rest i wasn't blown away by or anything but think i def woulda enjoyed the show, not to mention i like The M's.

rocknrollstar said...

Solace, totally hear you... Feels good to stay home and relax for a change, huh? I did the same thing last weekend...

I'll see you @ Futureheads Sunday!

- Steve

Brody McCoy said...

Thanks for the classic tip for my site. French rock is a top the charts as well. Link my write up on your write up. see you at the show tonight I'll be showing up around 9-9:15 because I have to teach. Go Muse. -Brody